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GBPEUR Climbs on Eurozone Fears

The rate is as volatile as ever today with the market moving over 1 cent between the high and the low. That means that if you were making a currency transfer of £200,000 today by trading at the high versus the low, you would have got an extra €1380.00.

Due to the nature of the current market, I pointed out to client who was keen to book their deal this morning to hold out as I felt there was some room for Euro weakness ahead of the weekend’s G20 Summit. By utilising the specialist service I can offer, my client ensured they got the very most for their money.

With the current Euro crisis persisting and the UK’s recovery as fragile as ever it is very important to make sure that you are considering all your options when making a currency exchange. We really are in some unprecedented territory for not only the UK and the Eurozone, but also for the global economy. I can not only get you the best exchange rates but also keep you informed of developments on the market that will help you maximise the deal by trading at favourable times.

Whether you are buying or selling property, sending money to a loved one or making currency exchanges for your business, don’t get caught out gambling on exchange rates. If you can spare a few minutes why not drop me an e-mail or even call me? I will explain for free at no obligation how our award winning company can save you money on your currency transfers.

My direct dial is (+44) 1494 787 458 and my e-mail is

To ensure you get my utmost attention please quote ‘JMW’ and ‘GBPEURO Forecast’ with any enquiry.

Sterling Euro Forecast – What will happen?

When needing to transfer large amounts of funds overseas the value of currency you receive will be determined by the exchange rate you get. Sounds obvious? Well everyday tens of thousands of people (if not significantly more) literally throw money down the drain and use a bank for their currency exchange.

Even though the bank seems the ‘best’ place to go since that is where you keep your money it is in a very high majority of cases the worst. When needing to transfer large sums of money you should speak to a currency broker. We offer commercial rateas of exchange and can beat the banks by up to 4%, sometimes more. Does 4% not sound like much? Well if you were buying £500,000 worth of Euros, a 4% difference is £20,000. Sounds like much yet?

So how do we do it? We buy and sell huge volumes of currency and we source commercial rates of exchange. We can then pass those savings on to the client. It is literally that simple. We don’t do Pet Insurance, we don’t do Mortgage Finance. We do 100% currency brokering pure and simple!

In my years of working on the markets I have never known so much volatility on exchange rates. I personally feel for anyone making large currency transfers at present because the markets are all over the place. Understanding what is driving the markets is the key to understanding what may happen and for each of my clients I, where necessary make sure they understand all the ins and outs of how to transfer funds safely, securely and at commercial rates of exchange.

If you have any currency transfers why not find out for free at 100% no obligation how we work and how we can achieve all of the above for you. My name is Jonathan Watson and I am a Senior Currency Dealer at a leading Foreign Exchange broker in the UK. Feel free to contact me personally at or even call me on (+44) 01494 787 458.

Please quote JMW and GBPEURO when making your enquiries.