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GBPEUR rates, will they climb back? (Steve Eakins)

This week we have seen rates continue to fall for euro buyers, but they have fallen at a slower pace that a majority of January as I forecasted earlier this week.  We also had a few surprising moment when rates increased for euro buyers. This was down to negative commentary coming from France.  This news surprised the market and provided clients that could move quickly with a saving of nearly a 1% compared to levels today.  Here this spike kept us busy as we informed clients that had registered their interest which in time has proved to be the correct decision.

There is possibility that we will see a similar opportunity in the days ahead. Especially with the end of the month looming!  As city traders sell off their positions to recognise their profit referred to as “profit taking” the additional artificial demand on the market could provide euro buyers with a spike. Longer term going into next week and February watch out for UK data figures for January.  Any that show an improvement could result in GBP spiking up as it will lower the odds that the UK has gone into a recession.

Data next week includes: interest rate decisions, retail figures, construction figures and industrial figures. All of which are normally the most influential and powerful in moving market prices.

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Steve Eakins

I just saved a new client £744.74 against another currency broker!

Anyone reading this site who is fairly savvy on transferring money abroad may think that we are just ‘another currency broker’ and that they are all the same.

Well at 10.30 today I had a new client contact me on one of our sister sites buying €210,000 on a forward contract. He was already dealing with another company and wanted to check if he was getting the best deal. Lucky he did! One e-mail and 35 minutes later, he was £744.74 better off!

Even if you have been dealing with another company for some time a quick call or email to us could save you money. Just like car insurance, shopping around on your currency can save you money.

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I look forward to hearing from you and genuinely saving you money!



GBPEUR rates fall slows (Steve Eakins)

Sorry to sound like a broken record but forecasts for the GBPEUR rates of exchange stay set on further falls in the near future. In yesterday’s trading we saw rates again break another threshold breaching 1.17.  This was initially broken in early trading hitting “tickers” in the market. Tickers are automatic buy orders placed by financial institutes in an aim to limit losses on carry trades they hold.  Due to this influx of cash into the markets GBPEUR rates climbed back over 1.17.  New tickers were then put into the market however at a lower level allowing the rates to fall to 1.1650 by the end of the day and hold under the 1.17 level.

This morning we see the markets at 1.1667 and with the next big data release due on Thursday rates I would expect to move only slightly compared to the recent decent we have seen. This month we have averaged a fall of 1.75 cents a week or adding £2,250 on a €200,000 purchase. For the remainder of the week I would be surprised to see any recovery but think the fall will still continue at a slower speed.  As a result I would urge anyone that needs to buy euros to move sooner rather than later and anyone with euros to sell to perhaps wait a little longer.

Saying that however there is still opportunity for euro buyers. The market yesterday for example moved by over 0.6% throughout the day allowing a well-timed euro purchase to save £880 on a €150,000 purchase. That is the service that we offer here. As well as giving our clients access to award winning exchange rates which save clients normally between 2%-4% compared to the banks we offer a pro-active service aimed at highlighting these peaks so you can maximise the markets.  If that is of any interest please either get in contact on the normal number or email me here at

Thank you,

Steve Eakins

Elite Trader

GBP/EUR rates, short term move may hinder on UK GDP tomorrow

Sterling exchange rates have struggled since the start of 2013 falling 3.5% from the high when compared to the low. This is a substantial move in a little over 3 weeks and is a worrying trend for the pound. For me the next big data set for anyone with an interest in this pair will be tomorrows eagerly anticipated UK GDP data. Following the NIESR (National Institute for Economic and Social Research) forecasting -0.3% growth for Q4 of 2012 the market is predicting the worst for tomorrow’s data. Preliminary forecasts are suggesting -0.1% and I for one feel that should the data come in as expected or hopefully better than expected ie 0% or better then I believe the pound could have a better day tomorrow. I do feel that the current levels are a little surprising and think a correction is due and can see levels heading back towards the 1.20 territory. Should you be selling Euros for this reason and whilst levels not far from a 1 year high, it may well be worth considering your options, this may include the use of a forward contract allowing you to guarantee your position even if you do not have full availability of your funds.

To discuss your options further and to see what we can do for your individual requirement then please do not hesitate to contact me either on 01494 787478 or email Mike at

GBPEUR Forecast

The initial shocks of the UK’s potential EU exit have now been absorbed by the market and the pound and GBPEUR rate have completed a reasonable correction more accurately reflecting the state of the UK economy.

There is still much to move the market this week and next. GBPEUR buyers or sellers should be aware Friday we have UK GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which may well move the market by up to 1 or 2 cents in either direction. Since the start of the year those selling pounds to buy euros have seen the rate drop over 4%! Buying €200,000 is now £7000 more expensive than it was at the start of the year.

Will this decline in GBPEUR rates continue?

So the UK is to call a referendum on being a member of the European Union. Apart from being a real political hot potato and being the ruin of Cameron this could have disastrous effects on the UK. We will not have an answer to the question for many years so now any possible investors in the pound or UK (who are not short on other reasons to be fearful and questioning of the UK) have another reason to be unsure.

Friday’s GDP will offer some confirmation of whether the recent GBP sell off has been warranted. I would not be surprised to see the pounds to euro rates drop a little further on Friday as we realise the dire state of economic growth for the UK.

If you have a transfer to consider and would like more information on what is moving your rate and the best time to transfer, please get in touch. We are specialist currency brokers who offer a personal and proactive service to ensure our clients get not only the best exchange rates, but also the best information on when to trade.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

GBPEUR raise slightly but why? (STEVE EAKINS)

There seems to be a lot on anxious people at the moment who have calculated their GBPEUR losses over the last few weeks watching and waiting for some relief.  That came today following better than expected unemployment figures in the UK and a somewhat none event from the European speech.  GBPEUR rates climbed as a result by ¾ of a cent saving £1,000 on a €200,000 purchase.  Next is the all-important UK GDP figures which are released on Friday at 9:30 GMT.  This as previously covered could open the
gateway to the UK failing into a TRIPP DIP recession. So what could happen over the next few days?

Firstly I would expect the pound to fall in anticipation of the data release on Friday.  (We may see ½ cent drop before noon.) On Friday morning the market will price in the expected fall so more falls are expected.  When the release is published the if the report shows the same as expected the markets will probably not more. If it is poorer expect this to be priced in quickly creating more sterling weakness. If it is slightly better, Pound strength will probably follow.

What I would remind all is that as the euro has gained nearly 3% this year there will be traders looking at taking profits. This additional influx of demand could easily move markets by another ½ cent before month end and I would not be surprised to see this occur as early as Friday afternoon.

We are now at a near week high buying euros and yesterday was at a 11 month low!

If you need to move money in the near future and want to make sure you are trading at the best prices contact us today for a quick comparison.  Once we have proved this to you we can happily help you try and time the trade in the currency market. For more information or to answer any questions please submit them to

Thank you,

Steve Eakins

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GBPEUR FORCAST – GBPEUR buyers left out in the cold! Will GBPEUR fall further this week? (Jonathan Watson)

Just as much of the UK has been suffering under a blanket of snow, the pound is covered in a thick blanket of uncertainty!

Anyone who is buying an overseas property in Europe will find their property is 4% more expensive since the start of the year!

GBPEUR is at a 10 month low so what better time to consider an exchange? Anyone who is buying an overseas property will find their property is 4% more expensive since the start of the year. Buying €200,000 is £6000 more expensive today than it was just 3 weeks ago…

I would expect the GBPEUR rate to continue to suffer this week and would be surprised to see any marked improvement above the level of 1.20. If you are a Euro buyer holding out I recommend making contact with our team immediately to discuss all your options. GBPEUR has dropped over 4 cents this year with most of the losses last week. UK retailers are closing left right and centre, their custom being rerouted to overseas multinationals, who pay little or no tax to restock Treasury coffers. With potential triple dip recessions, possible loss of triple A credit ratings and plenty of political uncertainty over Europe it looks like the pound will continue to suffer for the early part of 2013.

Will the UK remain in the EU? How will GBP react?

Serious questions over the UK’s relations with Europe will only fan the flames of uncertainty and sterling weakness. If you are a Euro seller it is the best time in 10 months to enter the market so you too should be carefully considering your options. Whatever your foreign exchange requirements are, our specialists can speak to you about the best course of action. Speak direct to the trading floor on 01494 787 478.

Delay of the press conference by Cameron on Britain’s membership of the EU has added further uncertainty to already murky waters. Just where does Cameron stand? Political uncertainty is bad news for investment and this is adding to sterling’s current woes. Successive British Government’s have suffered at the hands of the European question. Cameron and the coalition is looking increasingly isolated and out of touch in government and I expect the pound will continue to suffer until some clear leadership and certainty is established.

What will move this pound this week?

Public Sector Net Borrowing figures due to be released tomorrow at 09.30 are unlikely  to bring much good news for the pound and Wednesday we have Unemployment data plus the Bank of England Minutes for which I would not expect to see any change in sentiment on, but which are unlikely to do the pound any favours. If you are considering an exchange involving sterling it is in your interest making contact today to be kept up to speed by our currency experts.

DATAWATCH – UK GDP Q4 Estimate 1 – Friday at 09.30 am is a key release for the pound that may affect short term movements on sterling against other pairs. So far estimates for Q4 2012 are at -0.3 growth according to the NIESR and looking at poor data from Retail, Manufacturing and Services for December I would expect the official data Friday will not be good news for the UK and the pound. To avoid further losses and maximise your gains feel free to speak to a specialist about your options.

Anyone who is buying an overseas property in Europe will find their property is 4% more expensive since the start of the year!

GBPEUR is at a 10 month low so what better time to consider an exchange? Anyone who is buying an overseas property will find their property is 4% more expensive since the start of the year. Buying €200,000 is £6000 more expensive today than it was just 3 weeks ago…

My name is Jonathan Watson and I am a specialist currency broker. Even if your transfer is just a one off I can explain the current market and make sure you get a better deal. Please feel free to get in touch directly on 01494 787 478 asking for me Jonathan or email

I look forward to hearing from you.


GBPEUR rates expected to fall further? (Steve Eakins)

Rates have fallen further since my last blog as many have now come to expect. We have broken the 1.20 mark and rates seem to be quickly falling further challenging 1.19.  So what do we expect for the immediate future?

Well it does not look any more promising for people looking to buy euros.  On Tuesday we have the Unemployment figures for the UK and on Friday the latest GDP figures.  Following the news that nearly 10,000 are at risk to become unemployed over the last week due to Jessops, Blockbuster and HMV going into administration these are expected to be great.  With
regards to the GDP figures this is also expected to show a fall to -0.3%.  This would really push the probability of a TRIPLE DIP recession from the scape goat story into a real risk for 2013. Plus will mean that the UK economy was only out of the economy for 1 quarter.  This will push both rates down and demand from investors plus traders.

So if you have euros to buy I would suggest moving sooner rather than later.  Euros sellers – happy New Year – over the last 2 weeks you have gained 2.5% or £4,000 from a €200,000 sell.

What I would highlight however is that markets have surprised us and could easily again. I expect the next 7 days to have a spread, (difference between the high and low), of over 1.5%. If you want to buy and are looking for the best price register your interest by email. We can notify you when rates are high so you can make the educated decision. Email your name,
contact details, volume and timeframes to

If you have any questions and are looking for the best rate of exchange please contact us on the normal number or by email at

All the best,

Steve Eakins

Elite Trader

Pound exchange rates down against the Euro. Best EUR/GBP prices in over 9 months

Pound exchange rates have struggled since the start of the year against most majors bar the US dollar, the burning question for many is will this continue? For me I am a little surprised at some of the moves, in particular the heavy losses we have seen against the Euro.

I for one am still confident the Pound will have a better year against the single currency but early indications suggest any gains may be some way off. Moves have come about due to a couple of factors. Last week Mario Draghi (head of the European Central Bank) decided to keep the base interest rate for the Euro zone on hold at 0.75% – this was not wholly unexpected, however many analysts and market commentators (myself included) had expected a likely rate cut to assist the ailing European economy in the next few months. Following Draghi’s press conference this seems increasingly unlikely and as a result demand for the Euro has increased and hence so to the value. To compound this figures from the NIESR (National Institute for Economic and Social Research) a well respected think tank have predicted -0.3% growth for Q4 2012, making the dreaded triple dip recession very much a reality. This will be confirmed on the 25th January – a date that should be firmly in your mind if you are dealing with Sterling in the coming weeks. Of course if the figures are better than expected the pound may be grossly undervalued and a correction seen.

Keep in contact with your broker to for up to date analysis of the current trading conditions. To discuss my view and to run through the currency service we provide then please contact the office on 01494 787478 or email Mike at

After a busy week for GBP/EUR, what’s next? (Alistair Ryan)

It was a busy end to last week for GBP/EUR rates with exchange rates starting the week pushing the 1.23 barrier and ending the week in the 1.20’s. The Euro rallied against the pound after an announcement from European Central Bank president Mario Draghi stated that interest rates across the Euro zone would not be cut and remain unchanged at 0.75%. This data coupled with disappointing industrial production and construction figures from the UK had a large effect on GBP/EUR rates.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) have announced that they believe the UK economy shrunk by 0.3% in the last 3 months of 2012. If this is confirmed in the preliminary GDP figures on Friday 25th January then we could see GBP/EUR rates fall even further.

I believe that with a lot of negative data coming from the UK and with some data releases not being quite as positive as expected this announcement from the NIESR could well be correct. In my opinion after the preliminary GDP figures are released we could see GBP/EUR rates fall towards the 1.18 region.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about movements in the market in more detail then please contact me directly at

Retail, industrial and productivity data will drive GBP prices this week (Steve Eakins)

GBPEUR rates have fallen continually already this year losing over 2%. It currently is at its lowest level seen in over 9 months, but will it continue?  This week there is not as much economic data being released and as a result should not be as many surprises. The busy days this week are Tuesday and Thursday.  Tomorrow we have UK Retail indicators, UK Productivity and UK Industrial data, 12 data releases in total.  The general forecasts are for a slight improvement for the UK economy and so could be the opportunity for euro buyers to save some pennies.  Sellers of the euro however may want to move before hand to limit their exposure to seeing a lose while trading at these 9 month highs.

On Thursday Retail figures are released for the UK both Month on Month (MOM) and Year or Year (YOY.) Retail equates to over 60% of the UK so is keenly watched.  This is also expected to show an improvement so buyers may want to wait till then but I personally think this will be priced into the market tomorrow making Tuesday potentially the day to buy.

Wild cards this week include:

  • French politics
  • Italian political race
  • Commentary from the European Central bank
  • News with regards to the US debt ceiling

Each of these could surprise the market resulting in a 2 cent movement similar to GBPEUR rates at the end of last week. Costing euro buyers potentially another £2,600 on a €200,000 purchase.

If you need to move funds abroad and interested in a personal strategy on how to maximise the market please email your contact details to

Thank you,

Steve Eakins

Elite trader

EUR Moves to 9 Month High Against GBP

The EUR continued its dramatic rise against GBP, pushing through the 1.21 barrier during Friday afternoon trading. These levels have not been seen since April 2011 and depsite recent claims that the eurozone economy would continue to struggle in 2013, many will view this as a turning point for the single currency.

The reason for this spike can be atrributed initailly to Mario Draghi’s monthly press conference on Thursday, where he painted a picture of a eurzone that was healing itslef. The markets reacted to this and the Euro strengthened by almost a cent. What was more surprising was its continued run against Sterling on Friday, where it moved another cent, breaking through the 1.21 resistance level. Further negative reports of UK production data and a prediction by the NIESR that the UK economy has contracted by 0.3% in Q4 has only added to Sterlings woes.

Personally I would head a word of caution as the EUR has a nasty habit of relinquishing such positions. On a 200,000 EUR/GBP transfer on Friday afternoon you would be making an additional £2,500 compared to the same transfer on Thursday morning and to me that is an opportunity to good to miss.

Here at Foreign Currency Direct plc we have a variety of contract types all tailored speciffically towards our clients needs. Two of our most popular contract types are the option to forward book, which can eliminate any future negative market movement and limit order contracts, wherby you set your desired level into the market and once it reaches those levels your contract will automatically fill. If you would like to find out the type of exchange rates we can offer, or would like to be kept up to date with market movements then please feel free to contact me directly at or on 01494 787 478.

Sterling exchange rates at a 9 month low on the back of UK production figures (Ben Amrany)


The pound has continued its decline against the Euro this morning testing new lows of 1.2142. The main contributing factor to the losses for the pound was the production figures to be released for the UK economy. It has shown that our industrial and manufacturing production figures have dropped a lot more than what was expected. This now shows that the UK economy is not ok and it faces a battle over the course of this year.

These latest figures could mean that at the end of last year the UK economy did not grow and many are now thinking that we could be in a triple dip recession. This is hindering the pound against a range of currencies but most notably against the Euro.

Once the official GBP figures for the UK come out I feel the pound could fall even further. This is great news if you are selling in the Eurozone as you are now getting the best levels in nearly a year for bringing your Euros back to the UK.  If you are one that is buying in Europe and know that you need your funds over the next 2-3 months then please do contact me and I will explain the options that are available to you so you can limit any further losses.

Likewise if you are selling in Europe and will be bringing yoru funds back to teh Uk it would be good for me to explain how you may be able to get even better levels should the Euro continue its decline against the pound.

Feel free to email me at and I will come back to you with all the options that are available to you.

Thank you for reading

Ben Amrany

GBPEUR exchange rates (Steve Eakins)

Rates of exchange have fallen this morning for EURO buyers as data continues to show an improving picture for Europe. European Retails Sales, Economic Sentiment and Service Sentiment all showed improvements in data which was released this morning.  Unemployment in Europe did also go up but the markets I think are expecting jobless figures to climb globally in early 2013.  As mentioned rates have fallen as a result but it is worth noting that a majority of the fall happened yesterday afternoon as traders priced in their expectations. This is important to remember as many clients currently know when key data releases are being released and turn on their FX screens then rather than the days before then markets start to move.  Here at Foreign Currency Direct PLC we provide a pro-active service that helps highlight these movements so for example in the last 24 hours many clients looking to buy euros saved 0.5%+.

So what is happening for the rest of the week and how will exchange rates move?

This week the next big event is the release of European and UK interest rate decisions along with news on any additional stimulus being announced in the form of QE.  These releases take place on Thursday but I would not be surprised to see the markets start to price in their expectation as soon as Wednesday. Currently the forecast is for little change in the figures but most are anticipating that the European Central Bank will use this as an opportunity to sell the euro making it more expensive to buy. As a result I would suggest euro buyers to watch carefully and limit their exposure by moving sooner rather than later if you need to buy within the next 5-7 days. I personally would not be surprised to see rates drop by a further 1.5 cents over this period, or adding an additional £1,500 on a €150,000 purchase.

If you have a need to move money internationally and have more time, feel free to contact me directly for a personally strategy with reference to your situation; the timeframes you have, the availability of funds and the volumes you are trading in the short, medium and long term.  I can be contacted on the normal number or via email directly at

Thank you,

Steve Eakins,

Elite Trader

GBPEUR holds steady – what will GBPEUR do this week?

With no significant changes in sentiment the GBPEUR rate looks likely to remain range bound this week. There are of course always opportunities on exchange rates but my personal opinion is that anyone considering a transfer soon may not be too badly advised to hold on until the end of the week.

Thursday is probably the key date for anyone with an interest in the GBPEUR rate as we will learn whether or not the UK or Eurozone will make a change to their central bank interest rates or indeed whether or not we will see an extension of the QE programme in the UK.

Most telling however is likely to be the European Central Bank post decision conference. Lower volatility in the Eurozone would indicate to me that we are unlikely to see any changes in policy or stance of the ECB but this may end up being Euro positive, i.e make Euros more expensive to buy and hence would be better for Euro sellers.

This may easily be construed as Euro positive and consequently we may well see some the euro strengthen up slightly. To outline that reasoning the very fact there is no new bad news for Europe may well be reason for the Euro to find some favour and hence GBPEUR to drop back below 1.22.

Other possible market movers could be seen Wednesday when we have Eurozone GDP data.

Markets move 24-7 and an understanding of what is driving your rate is key to understanding how to approach your currency transfer. Even if your transfer is just a once off, getting it right could save you thousands. So for a free, no obligation discussion of what is driving your rate please feel free to contact me directly on or call 01494 787 478.

GBPEUR rates steady but for how long? (Steve Eakins)

Rates this year have been fairly standard but there are many storied that could change the fair of euro prices in the near future including; Italian politics, US debt ceiling, UK borrowing costs, USA Q3 news and French tax systems.  All of these stories are expected to develop over the next 4 weeks and each could change the price of buying euros.

On-top of that we have all the standard economic data releases that we cover here on almost a daily basis. The next week includes the following key data releases:

  • European Production Price index
  • UK Retail sales
  • European Consumer confidence
  • European Industry date
  • European Retail figures
  • European Unemployment data
  • UK Trade Balance
  • Interest rate decisions in UK
  • Interest rate decisions in Europe
  • QE decisions in UK
  • Asset buying update in Europe
  • UK Industrial Productivity
  • UK Manufacturing Productivity
  • UK Bond Auctions

All of these will have a forecast before had that will be priced into the market, when each is released if the data shows a different figure than expected markets will then move again. It is these new releases that tradionally move the markets and is why if you are looking to move money you need to watch the markets constantly to achive the best price.  Here we provide a pro-active service helping achive just this. Helping you potentially time your buys at the top of the market while still giving access to the award winning rates of exchange avalible at a commercial level.  For example we trade in excess of £500,000,000 annually giving us access to these better prices.

If you have been reading these blogs make your New Years resolution to make contact to check you are getting the best prices. Feel free to ring on the normal number or email me directly at

All the best and happy New Year!

Steve Eakins

Elite trader

GBPEUR Forecast 3rd January

The pound found support yesterday on the back of better than expected Manufacturing data for the month of December.

The current trend actually looks to be improving for Euro buyers although I do think there are bigger risks of the rate falling than improving over the course of the next few months.

The big driver on sterling is the likelihood of further QE and it must be said strong Manufacturing figures support a view that more QE is unnecessary. I am not predicting a crash but it does appear that the rate will struggle to improve significantly in the future. Confidence has really returned in recent months to the Eurozone and this is reflected in the rate.

Construction data is due at 09.30 today and could well put an end to this mini rally. Construction has been the main loser of the last few years and poor data here would take the wind out of sterling’s sails.

The rate tested the lows of sub 1.22 but there was not enough momentum for it to maintain that trajectory. Consequently we have seen the rate bounce back. There is a large amount of economic data due out in the next few days and weeks which could move the market so keep in touch with the site to keep up to speed on the latest GBPEUR news.

If you are considering a particular requirement you may find it useful to speak directly to me. As a specialist currency broker I can assist with all the information to make an informed decision on when to buy or sell your currency. or call 01494 787 478 asking to speak to me Jonathan.

GBPEURO Forecast 2013

The current outlook for GBPEUR is that the rate will probably drop lower. It is therefore more likely we will see 1.20 before 1.25. This is because despite problems in the Eurozone it is probably more likely we will see some more QE by the Bank of England which will cause GBP weakness.

There is the prospect of a further interest rate cut in the Eurozone but on balance I think it more likely we will see the rate drop to a poor performance of the UK economy. The UK’s debt problems are significant and investors are right to be concerned about the UK losing its credit rating.

If you are considering buying Euros I think now is the time to act to avoid disappointment down the line.

If you would like more information about how to get the best deals on currency transfers and what is driving this market please contact me directly on 01494 787 478 or email