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GBP Rallies Following Eurozone Unemloyment Figures (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP has rallied against the EUR during Thursday’s trading, following a rise in Eurozone unemployment. The figures released of 12.2%, were higher than the anticipated 12% and this coupled with a fall in inflation for the Eurozone has boosted the Pound, with GBP/EUR rates moving up over a cent back through 1.18.

This move has come as a surprise to investors, who anticipated that the good feeling that had pushed the EUR up to a two month high would continue over the coming weeks. This was reinforced by a report released earlier this week, which indicate that Eurozone growth prospects were now ‘balanced and improving’.

Whether this is just a temporary realignment for GBP or something more, only time will tell. What is clear is that anyone who has a EUR requirement will have been buoyed by today’s positive move and we are now moving back towards Sterling’s recent high and some of the best buying opportunities of the past 6 months.

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GBPEUR forecasts this week – When to sell Euros – When to buy Euros – STEVE EAKINS

Sterling prices have continued to fall this week but we may be at a turning point.  Demand for the single currency has reached a 2 ½ yeah high against the USD as investors make deposits in the single currency.  The reason for this is mixed; a combination of the US FED suggesting their asset buying program will continue meaning traders have cheap cash available for longer and are more comfortable to take on risk, and secondly the recent stress testing in Europe has resulted in the 150 + financial institutes across the single currency selling foreign assets and buying domestically to bolster their account books.  These have pushed the euro up in values to a 2 ½ year high against the USD and over a 2 month high against the GBP.

This however is expected to change within the next few weeks and Euro weakness is expected.  For two reasons once more; stress tests over the European banks will be invested abroad once more perhaps, secondly bad data from the US is expected from the 3 week shut off having an impact on risk appetite as traders look for safer havens.  Both these will result in the demand for the euro changing significantly from a buy to a sell which should make the euro cheaper to buy but more expensive to sell.

So if you have euros to buy or sell the above information should be quite useful; in real terms it could change markets by over 3 cents or making a EURGBP trade of €200,000 drop over £3,500 in value. Saying all the above, the currency market never moves in a straight line so timing your trade will be key to get the best price.  For a further break-down of the markets to get the best price, feel free to contact the author – STEVE EAKINS – via email at or on the phone number at the top of the page.

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Sterling Euro rates remain stable today – German unemployment as expected

A fairly quiet day on the markets for Sterling against the Euro this morning as German employment figures came out pretty much as had been expected.

We have very little data left to come out for the rest of today for the u.K and Europe but do be aware that anything may come out at any time, for example yesterday where we saw a small period of Euro strength completely out of the blue after a member of the ECB (European Central Bank) made comments surrounding the European recovery.

This led to  a spike in the value of the Euro and made Euros more expensive to buy, unfortunately although we saw the Dollar recover fairly quickly thanks to strong data in the States the Pound has remained flat.

Data to be aware of this evening is the U.S Federal Reserve Interest rate decision which may have an effect on all major currencies due to changing global attitude to risk so it is certainly worth keeping one eye on the markets at roughly 18:00pm this evening.

If you have a currency transaction to carry out involving either the Pound or the Euro then feel free to contact me directly by email on and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Euro exchange rates at 2 month high against the pound (Mike Vaughan)

The Euro again has made inroads against the pound this week shifting at its low point to 1.1650 yesterday. Today we have very little data from the UK but watch out for unemployment figures from Germany and Euro zone business confidence figures at 08:55 and 10:00 respectively. Unemployment figures from Germany are expected to remain at 6.9% but business confidence is expected to show a slight improvement which could lend further support to the Euro.

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GBPEUR rates fall but for how long? When to sell Euros – Steve Eakins

GBPEUR rates continue to fall as news from the Single Currency continue to show signs of improving. Only last week it was reported that Spain is now out of a recession.  Great news for EURO holders however buyers of the single currency should be concerned.

It is a trend which I expect to continue for the short term so anyone with a currency transfer to make buying euros within the next 10 days may be wise to move sooner.

Longer term however I think this will turn as the bad news from the US creates risk appetite to fall and the euro to return to a sell next month.  So longer term it may be wise to hold out on a euro purchase if you have the time and the strength to watch it get worse in the short term.  Here we offer a proactive service helping people and clients time their trades of money.  We have over 12 years’ experience and can comfortable save out clients’ money compared to their current provider; both bank or broker.  Otherwise and simply put, we would not be in business.

So if you are a regular reader and have not got in contact yet, what have you got to lose.

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Euro Strongest Since August (Tom Holian)

GBPEUR exchange rates have fallen into the 1.16 level today as ECB Nowotny commented that the ECB has no intention of cutting interest rates in the near future. This has sent the Euro to its highest level against the Pound not seen since August and EURUSD hitting the best level in over two years so if you’re thinking of selling Euros and want to take advantage of currency exchange rates then get in touch for a free quote. Send me an email Tom Holian

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GBP/EUR exchange rate forecast

Sterling has been steady against the Euro today as the market unwinds towards the end of the month. Anyone looking at GBP/EUR should keep an eye on UK mortgage approvals tomorrow morning, Euro Zone consumer confidence figures tomorrow and UK consumer confidence on Thursday. Also watch out for German retail sales figures on Thursday morning.

Recently the pound has started to drift against Euro buyers. This time last month it looked as though 1.20 would be breached, however the Euro has fought back three cents in this time. With the market sitting at the year average of 1.17 this should still represent value for both Euro buyers and sellers and I for one feel this yo yo effect will continue. For me selling current levels are more favourable for Euro sellers, and I think buyers may get more value if you can bide your time.

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Markets Wait for UK GDP Figures (Matthew Vassallo)

This morning we will see the release of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures at 09.30. Figures are expected to improve on previous estimates although we have not seen much of a positive move for the Pound in anticipation of this. Sterling lost ground against the EUR yesterday following news that Spain was no longer in recession and with rates now floating between 1.17-1.18, I do feel a move back up towards 1.20 is unlikely in the coming weeks. Despite this I do not think GBP will drop much further based on current market conditions at this time, although I would still be tempted to buy EUR at the current levels as I do believe there is more scope for the EUR to strengthen moving forward.

If you wish to take advantage of any spike following the release of today’s GDP figures, or have an upcoming currency requirement and wish to discuss your options please feel free to contact me directly at Alternatively you can call one of our traders today on 0044 1494 787 478.

Sterling continues to fall against the Euro. (Ben Amrany)

No negative data seems to be getting in the way of the Euro at the moment. The Euro has been strengthening against both the Pound and US Dollar. The rise in the rate has been 2.5% from 2 weeks ago against the pound and is now up at the best trading levels since November 14th 2011 against the USD.

I would have thought that Mario Draghi’s comments on Wednesday regarding the Bank stress tests may have dented the Euros recovery. He said officials won’t hesitate to fail banks in its stress test next year as the ECB sets out to prove its vigilance in its new role of banking supervisor.

Couple this with yesterday’s poor PMI data with both German & French PMI’s looking softer and pointing towards a sluggish recovery nothing is halting the Euro.

If you are purchasing the Euro in the near future then be cautious as what will happen when there is positive data out of Europe and negative data for the UK. Could there be another big drop to 1.15. This could occur when retail figures are released on Monday and Unemployment figures on Wednesday for Germany.

For more information on the currency service that we provide please feel free to contact myself Ben Amrany at

Ben Amrany



Euro rates continue to drop – Sellers at a 8 week high – STEVE EAKINS

GBPEUR rates have continued to fall this week loosing almost 1 1/2 cents within 4 days.  If you are a euro seller however this is welcome news as €200,000 would secure you nearly £1,500 more.  Sellers are at a near 8 week high so this really represents a great time for people looking to sell euros.  Only 3 weeks ago, again on €200,000 you would have been £8,500 worse off.  These gains should be capitalised on, especially as the markets is expected to climb once more the favour of euro buyers tomorrow when UK GDP figures are released.  This data release is expected to show that the UK Economy has grown at a faster rate than previously thought making the Pound more expensive to buy.

If you are looking for the best price and the best time to make your currency transfer feel free to contact us here. We have been helping people for over 12 years, we are a PLC firm with a number of awards for both our service and rate of exchange. meaning that even if you are using another broker you can be happy in knowing you will see a saving!

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We look forward to assisting you.

Kind regards,

Steve Eakins

Elite trader

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More upbeat minutes does little for the pound, eyes now focus on GDP this Friday

Following this mornings Bank of England minutes the pound has had a poor day against the Euro and US dollar but seen strong gains against the Australian and New Zealand dollar. In the minutes the Monetary Policy Committee judged that the recent recovery in the UK was gaining momentum and suggested that the second half of the year would show stronger growth than previously forecast and unemployment would fall more quickly than thought in August.

However, the bank did cite worries over the economic instability in other countries that could harm UK exports – “The outlook for the United States seemed slightly softer on the month, the recovery in the euro area remained modest, and there remained a risk of a sharp slowdown in emerging economies. Overall, therefore, there was a risk that the recovery in the United Kingdom might be less well balanced between exports and domestic consumption than was ultimately needed.”

The next big data set for this week from the pounds point of view will be Q3 GDP data on Friday – expected to improve from the last revision of Q2 by 0.1% up to 0.8% and should this be as forecast we may find the pound having a stronger end to the week.

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Sterling Euro exchange rates drop a little after bank of England minutes (Daniel Wright)

The Pound has lost a little ground against the Euro in trading this morning following no major news from the bank of England minutes and European Bank stress testing information that is being released throughout the day.

This information has been taken fairly well by investors as a whole as it shows that Europe are still trying to take steps in the right direction, however this will not start until November and will take roughly 12 months until complete.

The main market mover for Sterling this week in my view should be the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures which are released on Friday morning at 09:30am.

This will basically show whether the economy grew or shrank over the third quarter of 2013 and with such a good selection of solid economic data released by the U.k over the past few months I would not be surprised to see this release come out as a very good figure for the U.K which you would hope may lead to Sterling strength.

If you have a pending currency transaction to carry out involving either buying or selling the Pound or Euro then it may be prudent to get in contact with me directly on and I will be more than happy to help you.

Best rates to sell Euros for 2 weeks against the pound and Dollar – GBPEUR Selling Euros – STEVE EAKINS

GBPEUR rates have climbed today towards a fresh 2 week high buying EUROS and USD. We do expect further movement over the rest of the week. Tomorrow we have Bank of England minutes and on Friday we have UK GDP figures.

Bank of England Minutes

This is expected to show no change however following reports over the weekend that one of the monetary policy members wants interest rates to go up it has the potential to be a surprise once again. This could move markets by upwards of 1% if there are any surprises but realistically I think this is more likely to move rates by only 0.5%.

UK GDP Figures

This is expected to be revised up, especially following the IMF raising growth expectations for the UK last week.  This will probably result in prices climbing in the build-up as investors price in this expectation.  It is worth remembering that as it is foretasted the price gain will come in before, not on the release. Meaning that if you want the best price for buying EURO or USD this week it may be in the build-up to this even on the Friday.

If you are trading any of these currencies and looking for assistance with timing the trade please feel free to get in contact with us here. We have been helping people move money for over 12 years and simply put if we could not save our clients’ money we would not be in business. Simply call using the number on the top of the page or feel free to contact the author directly via email – STEVE EAKINS –

Thank you,

Steve Eakins

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Busy week for the pound. Get in touch to see the impact this may have on your money exchange….

With the pound having remained range bound against the Euro between 1.174 and 1.198 over the last month it would suggest the 1.18 level is a fair value for both buyers and sellers. It has been notable how the market for GBP/EUR has been pretty flat the past few months and I would not be surprised to see this trend continue.

Should you be looking at this pairing then watch out for the Bank of England minutes released tomorrow at 09:30, this will confirm how the 9 members voted with regards to interest rates and QE. I would expect it to have been 9-0 in favour of both and this could lend support to the pound.

Looking at other data sets of note, watch out for a speech from Mark Carney on Thursday evening for clues as to future monetary policy and UK GDP data on Friday, this is expected to show a slight improvement – something that could lead to the pound ending the week on a high.

Should you have an upcoming money transfer to arrange and you would like assistance then please contact the office on 01494 787478 tof ind out our award winning bank to bank money service works. Alternatively contact me my email at

Sterling falls in the afternoon session as the US government shutdown nears a conclusion

Sterling exchange rates had a promising start to the day rallying to 1.1860 this morning but tailed off towards the close of trading as the US senate look to have finally come to an agreement over the recent US government shutdown. This created a shift towards riskier currencies citing a drive towards the Euro. By close the market reached a low of 1.1784.

Looking ahead this may lend some further support to the Euro, however I still firmly believe the recent range of 1.17-19 will remain and would urge sellers to move at this lower end and likelwise buyers to consider 1.18+ as an opportunity.

Should you have an upcoming exchange to arrange and you would like to discuss the current market trends and trading conditions then please contact the office on 01494 787478 and I will happily run though the trading service we provide to help maximise your foreign exchange. Alternatively email Mike at

GBPEUR rates of exchange – buying Euros – Selling Euros – STEVE EAKINS

GBPEUR rates have climbed today following a fell good feeling for the UK. Data this morning was also positive creating a demand for Sterling and more Pound strength. The rest of the week we have a number of data releases for the UK including Unemployment figures tomorrow and Retail figures on Thursday. both a key reports and have the potential to move rates of exchange significantly.

personally I personally think that buying rates will continue to climb this week, meaning that sellers should be wary and either cut their losses or wait for a while with the hope things improve. here we offer a pro-active service helping clients trade when markets are higher. We offer SPIKE NOTIFICATIONS, RATE ALERTS, Forward contract, SPOT Contracts and currency views.

if any of these would be of interest please feel free to contact the author via email – Steve Eakins –

The best rates are from currency brokers. (Ben Amrany)

The pound has been weakening against the Euro over the course of this week. Friday last week sterling spiked at 1.20 for a very short amount of time before falling back below 1.19 and now trading below 1.18. We have been saying for some time that if GBP/EUr gets over 1.19 capitalise as the chances of a break through of 1.20 in teh near term is unlikely as investors will look at profit taking and the rate then falls.

The above is exactly what occured and now we are witnessing a decling sterling on teh back of poor economic data to hit the market this week for the UK. The next significant data which may help the pound rise again could be teh unemployement figures out next wednesday. With the Bank of England stating that interest rates will not rise until unemployment is below 7% the markets are moving either positively or negatively depending on how the figures come out. So if we see unemployment continue to fall teh pound could get a welcome boost.

Having a currency broker to assist you can help you save thousands on your exchange. We are currency specialists and all that we do is currency exchange and do not deal with any other financial products which enable us to offer our clients a very personal service and competitive rates. We tend to make clients savings of up to 4% over the banks so if you have a transfer to make in the future please do conatct me to find out more about the service that i provide at

Thank youf or reading

Ben Amrany


Bank of England interest rate decision unlikely to throw up any surprises

With UK industrial production and NIESR GDP figures flattering to deceive yesterday and the pound falling as a result, those with an interest in the sterling should keep an eye on the Bank of England Interest rate decision at 12:00. It is highly unlikely the central bank will look to do anything and I would expect interest rates and QE to remain on hold and the pound to do little as a result, however years of industry knowledge has taught me to expect the unexpected so anyone looking at a position this morning should keep on their toes.

Looking at the market and the current position sterling holds, what is likely to happen for sterling against some of the more commonly traded currencies? For me against the Euro I feel market conditions will remain relatively stable and would expect a relatively tight range of 1.17-1.20 over the course of the next few months. I feel the pound will struggle to breach the 1.20 level an would urge Euro buyers to take advantage at any level reaching the top of this range. For Euro sellers with the market at 1.179, this for me should represent a reasonable opportunity to sell.

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