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Exchange Rate Spike – GBP EUR Exchange Rate Forecast ( Andrew Bromley )

GBP hit a new high against the Euro today as poor Eurozone Data was released this morning. A push up to the 1.38 region was quickly corrected as the UK ‘Markit’ report was slightly lower than expected, giving a less than expected positive outlook for the Pound.

The close of this week is very busy for the GBP EUR pair, with a key Eurozone meeting on Monetary policy at 13:30. From the GBP point of view, the UK interest rate decision is announced tomorrow at midday – although realistically no change will be expected, never say never!

Friday is dominated by the Eurozone GDP figure at 10:00, so worth making sure that you have your position in the market safely secured prior to that moment.

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GBP-EUR – Economic Data to Take Over Once More as Market Driver

Whilst the concerns of the Eurozone’s implementation of Quantitative Easing this month, as well as the uncertainty presented to Markets by Greece will continue in the background, economic data should be what drives rates for the rest of the week.

Before Thursday data may present better opportunities for Euro sellers to take advantage of. Mainly the Eurozone Retail sales at 10.00am. When Quantitative Easing begins to move ahead at full steam soon, with a target of increasing inflation away from the current lows, prices will rise once more in an effort to stimulate spending, and therefore growth.

We may see this morning that retail figures reflect current market sentiment to buy ahead of price rises, while goods and services are relatively cheap. This data will certainly be indicative of trends to come. Friday will also see Eurozone GDP figures released, last time the unexpectedly positive data saw a strong rally for the Euro by almost a Cent. With even poorly performing countries such as Italy being well into the Green, it would not be surprising to see another positive push for the Euro, after so long being dragged down by Greece headlines.

The rates have been creeping up this morning, and 1.38 may be seen briefly before this data has a chance to take affect. Call straight into the trading floor on 01494 725353 and ask for Joshua to discuss any currency requirements you may have.

German Retail Figures Sustain the Euro’s Rally

German retail figures were released today and the data was better than expected causing the Euro to strengthen against Sterling.  We have seen GBP/EUR drop back to to the low 1.37’s.

Tomorrow will see the BOE’s (Bank of England) interest decision and asset purchase facility release. I seriously doubt there will be any change. The big mover of the day could be the Eurozone’s GDP figures. GDP gives a broad picture as to the Eurozone’s economic activity and health. I predict a slight rise which could push Sterling further back against the Euro.

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Will GBPEUR hit 1.38 again?

The main event this week is the ECB decision on Thursday this week. If I need to buy or sell the Euro this is the event I would be targeting if I was hoping for a little more on the exchange rate. I must say expectations are indicative of yet more Euro weakness! If you need to sell Euros I think planning an exit strategy is sensible. We can assist with a variety of contract options to help limit your exposure to the market. If you wish to learn more please email me Jonathan on and I can provide a full overview to help you make an informed choice.

GBP/EUR drops from 1.38 to 1.37 in today’s trading! (Dayle Littlejohn)

Over the last few weeks GBP/EUR has been on an upward trend and has climbed to a 7 year high, with exchange rates reaching the 1.38s. Today we seen this rate drop by a cent due to Eurozone Consumer Price Index also known as inflation data coming in better than expected. In addition, unemployment rates within the Eurozone have dropped by 0.1% given further strength for the Euro. I’m of the opinion the interbank rate is now going to float around the 1.37s in the upcoming weeks however going forward the closer we get to the election rates could start to drop off.

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