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GBP/EUR Best Rates – 1.41 reached (Joshua Privett)

Sterling Euro Exchange rates continue to be dictated by the impact of the Greek Bailout. They have broken through 1.41 once more during today’s trading session as Greece failed to make payment of the 1.6bn€ due to the IMF; this caused further confidence in the Euro to diminish and subsequently rates fell.

A referendum has been called in Greece to decide whether to accept the recent plan proposed by their creditors which would extend the bailout if reforms (cuts) are accepted in their economy.

If you have a currency transfer coming up this is a topic you should keep up to date with. The referendum is schedued for the 5th, and this puts the decision with Greece’s population on its future relationship with the Eurozone as a whole. In the build up to this event, the uncertainty could arguably weaken the Euro further, creating further opportunities for Euro buyers.

Personally, I believe the negotiations will carry on and a resolution will occur. The only reason a referendum was called was because the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, promised to end austerity…but you cannot keep spending more than you earn indefinitely, and cuts have to be made. He cannot take the logical route without being labelled a liar and a farce by the Greek population, so it seems he has called a referendum in the hope that his citizens will make the hard decision for him.

Similarly, the Eurozone cannot allow Greece to leave, for fears that other struggling nations such as Portugal and Spain will do the same. So an 11th hour deal is still likely, but the content is still completely uncertain. Greece are now calling for a 2-year bailout and we’ll see if this is still what is being asked for after the weekend.

This situation is staggeringly volatile, with backroom diplomacy and new offers dominating the headlines. There will be no time for anyone to ‘take a breath’ over the next few weeks. Email me on so that we can stay in contact over this period. Whether you are buying or selling Euros, if pertinant news is released in the public space, or through our sources which we recieve ahead of time from the likes of the BBC, you can be contacted immediately to make an informed decision about your currency transfer. Instead of waiting for posts to appear on this site once or twice a day, you could have a currency expert watching the markets for you, who will have a tailored understanding of your situation and will know what to look out for. The current 8 year highs against the Euro should be maximised, and this is the best way to do so.

Time to buy Euros with Sterling? (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates are currently trading close to 8 year highs as the Greek crisis continues.

This weekend the ECB is expected to end emergency lending to the Greeks resulting in capital controls being introduced in the country.

The Greeks are also running out of time to arrange a debt repayment to the IMF due on Tuesday.

This has resulted in Sterling strengthening against the single currency creating excellent buying Euro opportunities in the early part of next week.

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GBP-EUR Rates soar amidst sudden terror attack (Joshua Privett)

A tragedy has unfolded today, spanning across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Terror attacks were carried out on such a scale that is it very unlikely these were not coordinated, or carried out once news emerged of the initial attack.

Not to detract against the main focus the media must pay attention to, which is the tragic and unnecessary lost of human life, but this is an example of how sensitive currency markets can be to sudden and unpredictable acts of terrorism.

It is hard to gauge how much these rates moving are also due to another deterioration in the ‘Grexit’ talks in Brussels, or due to the speech currently being delivered by the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.

Personally, I believe this is standard market behaviour before a significant event.

The reason the rates have suddenly spiked up in EUR buyers favour in the past 20 minutes is standard market behaviour before a big event for ‘nervous’ investors. This is essentially their last chance to get out of the Euro if they need to, which has strengthened Sterling in the short term. I fully expect a reversal next week. There may not be a full deal, but the Greek government will likely have their debt ceiling lifted, which remove a lot of the uncertainty from the Greek markets.

Email me over the weekend on for a free quote on your transfer, and I will reply with some advice once more news is released over the weekend concerning the negotiations.

Exchange Rate Forecast – When to BUY or SELL Euros

GBP – EUR rates are on tenterhooks as markets look set hit volatility this weekend.

As Greece looks to be closer and closer to agreeing a bailout I wouldn’t be surprised to see a conclusion this weekend. Greece is running out of time as they are due to repay over €1 Bn on Tuesday and simply don’t have the money.

Once either a bailout or extension is confirmed expect to see Euro strength, possibly pushing rates back to the mid 1.30s…

If you have an exchange and would welcome a discussion, feel free to drop me a line. Either email me or call the trading line on 01494 787 478 (please quote this blog).

Andrew Bromley

GBP/EUR rates dip below 1.40 briefly as morning trading starts (Joshua Privett)

Greece is once again at the forefront of most peoples minds, but I would not expect this to cause much volatility until early next week. ‘Not much progress’ is how yesterday afternoon’s 7 hour Greek Bailout negotiation meeting was reported to have concluded.

However, the IMF last month offered for Greece to ‘bundle up’ their debt repayments until the end of the month, which is next Tuesday. The reason why the talks are dragging on is because it is in Greece’s interest to make the most of this extra time. Alexis Tsipras, the Greek PM, is simply using the delay to try and negotiate down the debt and avoid reducing pensions, which he claims are currently providing for 3 generations in his country, as a result of widespread unemployment.

So I will not talk about Greece anymore, markets are used to the fanfare of an ‘imminent’ deal or a sudden crisis which could threaten the Eurozone and neither coming to pass.

The key event for those holding Pounds this week is tomorrow afternoon’s speech by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. Should Carney feel that the Pound is too strong at the moment (which makes our exports extremely unattractive) then these kind of events are an opportunity to reduce the value of the currency by downplaying the current strength of the economy. While little indication has been given about his speech, he certainly won’t be using it to make the Pound stronger, we are still very close to 8-year highs against the Euro.

As such I would encourage those looking to buy Euros to move sooner rather than later. His speech is at 15:45 tomorrow, and it is unlikely to make rates more attractive. With Tuesday looming where some kind of accord with Greece must be reached for both sides to walk away with something, we are in a golden time to be buying Euros. Call into 01494 787 478 and ask for Joshua for a free quote on your transfer and some advice on how to take advantage of these current rates even if your requirements are not until later in the year.

Could Proposals from Greece be Accepted by the End of the Week? (Daniel Johnson)

Leaders of the Eurozone have welcomed new proposals for reforms in Greece. It looks as though there may well be a deal in place to stop Greece defaulting in the coming days.Greece are set to pay €1.6bn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the end of the month. If it is not met, Greece may well leave the Euro which could be catastrophic for the single currency.German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated the Greece’s latest proposal constituted “some progress but time is short”.

The Greeks are however refusing to budge in further reductions to public sector wages and pensions.The European Central Bank (ECB) has approved additional emergency funding for Greek banks to cover withdrawals after the vast amounts that have been taken out over the last few weeks. This will allow the banks to stay open giving some breathing space for a deal to be made.So it looks as though subject to technical talks a deal to release additional loans for Greece may be reached by the end of the week. If this is to take place we could well see significant euro strength. With the Interbank rate currently sitting above 1.40, it may be prudent to take advantage of current trading levels if you are a Euro purchaser.

Thank you for reading today’s Blog, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have and would take pleasure in replying personally. I am more than than happy to assist you with any of your currency requirements. Feel free to e-mail me at or call on 01494 787 478 and ask for Daniel Johnson.

Sterling Euro trading above 1.40 (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have been trading at levels above 1.40 for the last few days as the Greek uncertainty continues.

Tomorrow is the next date for a potential resolution and to me it is simply a matter of time before a debt arrangement is organised as if something doesn’t happen then things could go very bad for the Eurozone and it would be too dangerous for global markets at this stage to allow a Grexit.

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A volitile day for GBP / EUR! (Dayle Littlejohn)

Its been a volatile day for GBP/EUR. Greece continue to make the headlines within the currency markets as they still have not finalised a deal regarding their bailout. Greece must repay €1.6bn to the IMF by the end of this month, or run the risk of defaulting from the Eurozone.  I believe a deal will be struck towards the end of the week and GBP/ EUR will fall back towards the mid 1.35s.

GBP/ EUR exchange rates have fluctuated 2 cents today. Therefore if a client purchased €100K at the high of the day compared to the low they would have saved £1,000. Therefore its important when buying currency to keep informed of potential events that could effect exchange rates. For more information and a further forecast feel free to email me directly


Will GBP/EUR Trend Continue? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates have spiked again during Tuesday’s trading, pushing the pair back towards 1.41 on the exchange. With the Pound gaining market support throughout this morning’s trading it is likely the markets are factoring in the uncertainty surrounding the situation in Greece. With no agreement yet reached in terms of an extension on Greece’s debt repayment the markets may be expecting the worst, despite reports today that a deal was getting closer.

Personally I feel a deal will be reached over the coming days but it is likely to be a short-term extension with the hope that a renegotiation will be agreed during this period. Whether the EUR will gain much support if this scenario comes to fruition is difficult to say but if you consider the recent history on the pair then it is likely the EUR will soon find support around the current levels and may even move back below 1.40 before the end of the trading week.

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Will we be set for a modern day Greek Tragedy? (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have once again seen their best levels in almost 8 years this week as fears increase of a Greek default.

The country has only until the end of June to strike a deal and come up with the funds required to pay the IMF which is EUR1.6bn.

It doesn’t sound like a lot but as they missed the previous payment on June 5th things are certainly not looking very positive for the Greeks. The GDP-debt ratio is appprox 180% and in anyone’s language that is a real concern as if things carry on it can only get worse.

My suspicion is that we’ll see further Euro weakness during the course of next week providing some excellent opportunities to buy Euros with Sterling.

There is a meeting due to take place in Brussels with various European leaders in attendance but as of yet there are no signs of a deal being done.

Therefore, if you have a currency transfer to make and want to save money on exchange rates compared to using your own bank then contact me directly for a free quote. Tom Holian



Exchange Rate Forecast – Buy / Sell Euros ( Andrew Bromley )

1.40 has been seen on the markets again today, as primarily concerns about the Greek bailout dominate market proceedings. There is speculation that Greece will look to secure Russian funds to assist with repayments to the International Monetary Fund and Eurozone Central Bank. This would be a concern not only to the Eurozone heads of state, but also those with funds in Greece. We have previously seen Cyprus tumble due to being propped up by Russian money, this link could potentially lead to a ‘run on the banks’ (savers withdrawing their money, worsening the status of the bank).

If you have funds in Greece, feel free to get in contact to use our ‘repatriation’ service would cut out the risk of a crashing Greek banking system from preventing you getting your money.

Drop me a line with your exchange requirement to or call me on 01494 787 478

Have a great weekend!

GBP/EUR Rates Hit 1.40! (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates broke back through 1.40 this morning, continuing the recent positive trend for the Pound. The ongoing problems in Greece show no signs of letting up and reports yesterday indicated that talks between the Greek government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had completely broken down. These talks were aimed at extending deadlines and renegotiating Greece’s bailout package but with no resolution in sight, the situation continues to look bleak.

With further concerns over the health of the Greek banks, many will assume that the end is near for Greece and that they will soon default on their debts and leave the EU. Savers have withdrawn billions of EUR over the past week, news is likely to heap further pressure on the EUR. Whilst the situation is critical I still feel an 11th hour resolution is likely, as the IMF & the ECB will be keen to keep Greece inside the EU. They will not want to set a president whereby debt ridden nations see an opportunity to default on this debt and leave, otherwise the EU as we know it will soon be extinguished.

Personally I would be looking at the current highs as an opportunity to trade, as any deal between Greece and its creditors is likely to strengthen the EUR’s position.

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Poor retail sales figures sees GBP/EUR rates drop half a cent (Joshua Privett)

Retail sales figures released this morning, while positive, were lower than expected. In recent months this has been a powerhouse of the UK economic sector, growing almost 5% month on month as the growth in employment and wages has obviously been translating into more disposable income for UK residents. While still growing, this growth has begun to slow down. Rather than the 5% expected, growth came in at 4.4%. While this seems meaningless, markets were not as confident in the long-term growth in the UK economy compared to the other options available.

Enough capital flowed out to bring rates down by half a cent. I would expect the rates to come down further this afternoon, and surprisingly, this is due to US Data to be released.

EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair in the world. The data released this afternoon on US inflation is expected to weaken the Dollar. This will cause more money to flow into the Euro, which indirectly will increase the value of the Euro, making GBP/EUR rates fall.

If you have a requirements to buy Euros, call 01494 787 478 and ask for Joshua before the afternoon to receive a free quote on the transfer while the rates have buoyed up so favourably over the last few days. 

GBP/EUR Very close to 1.40! (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/EUR currently sitting in the high 1.39’s, looking very favorable for Euro buyers. Personally I feel Sterling is currently overvalued, GBP/EUR is only  where it is due to the Greek debt crisis. The saga may well continue, but if there is an agreement expect the Euro to strengthen considerably. It may be wise to move while things are looking rosy.

Thank you for reading today’s Blog, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have and would take pleasure in replying personally. I am more than than happy to assist you with any of your currency requirements. Feel free to e-mail me at or call on 01494 787 478 and ask for Daniel Johnson.


Sterling Euro will it break 1.40? (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have got extremely close to hitting 1.40 earlier today but not quite broken through yet.

UK unemployment published this morning showed levels of 5.5% and with average earnings going up this positive data has strengthened the Pound across all major currencies.

The US Federal Reserve meeting takes place this evening and interest rates will be the featured topic.

Although they are unlikely to change monetary policy this evening I think we could see hints to a rate hike which ultimately could lead to Dollar strength.

This often results in Euro weakness creating good buying Euro opportunities with Sterling.

With UK Retail Sales due out in the morning if the figures are positive we could see levels of 1.40 during tomorrow’s trading session.

If you have a currency transfer to make and want to save money on exchange rates compared to using your own bank then contact me directly for a free quote. Tom Holian



1.39 on the Markets! (Joshua Privett)

After a quiet morning, rates rallied for Sterling and we have now settled back in the low 1.39’s. A combination of positive inflation data and poor business sentiment data for the EU economy was enough to send rates soaring in the favour of Euro buyers, almost testing the boundaries of 1.40 once more.

This was a positive coincidence in both these releases combining to provide some market movement. Rates have stagnated while talks with Greece have done the same. I still fully expect a resolution to the Greek situation. The only reason a deal has not been reached yet is because the Greeks were allowed to lump all their payments for June together. So naturally they will delay until the last possible moment to make a deal and try and reduce their debt pile. A rational reaction from a simple gesture. Once a deal is reached, the rates will finally slump after being propped up by the potential ‘grexit’ for so long.

We are so close to 1.40 that those waiting for the rates to creep that little bit higher because 1.40 sounds better, are putting themselves at risk for a much greater loss than any gain possible in the current market climate. Email me overnight to discuss how to secure these current historic highs while they are available. You do not even have to buy currency now, rates can be pegged which will simply allow you to budget more effectively.

UK & Eurozone Data to move Sterling Exchange Rates (Tom Holian)

We are in for a busy day for Sterling Euro exchange rates with the release of both Eurozone & UK inflation data.

With Eurozone inflation having risen recently if this happens again this could provide a short term window for selling Euros into Sterling.

UK inflation has fallen in recent times but with the expectation for 0.1% anything different could cause a significant amount of volatility during this morning’s trading session.

UK unemployment data is out tomorrow and this has been quite positive recently so I expect more of the same and for Sterling to rise vs the Euro during tomorrow.

However, exchange rates are likely to be dominated over the next few days by any Greek announcements so watch this space.

If you have a currency transfer to make and want to save money on exchange rates compared to using your own bank then contact me directly for a free quote. Tom Holian



Quiet Day on the Markets ahead of multiple data releases tomorrow – GBP-EUR best rates (Joshua Privett)

While the markets did finish almost where they began today (in the low 1.38’s), there was about a 1 Cent difference between the high and the low of today of 1.388 and 1.379 respectively. This just shows what a ‘quiet’ day has become recently on the markets!

Tomorrow the minutes for the Bank of England’s recent meeting on whether to raise the interest rates for the UK will be released. As well as inflation data for the Eurozone economy over the past month.

I feel that little will come out to show Sterling in a very positive light. We are expecting no surprises on the interest rate decision. We are not there yet, so expect stability when this is released in the morning.

European inflation data is a different story. The massive emergency introduction of Quantitative Easing in January has been largely to combat historically low inflation, and outright deflation in the Eurozone economy.  Data releases last month have shown the emergency measures have begun to work. Any indication in tomorrow’s data releases at 9am that this has continued to heal the economy, and wasn’t a rogue month for data, will surely spell strength for the Euro.

Those with Euros to buy, I recommend emailing me overnight so we can discuss a plan of action for tomorrow. Even if you do not have any requirements for the next few months, these historic highs can be pegged for up to 12 months so that you do not have to ‘miss out’ and alter your budget for any potential purchase.

Will Sterling vs Euro hit 1.40 again? (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro rates have had a very good end to the week with levels pushing above 1.38.

The positive data which has helped to strengthen the single currency such as rising inflation and strong German factory orders has now been pushed back into the shadows as the Greek bailout hogs the limelight.

During the last couple of days the Euro has weakened as talks between the IMF and the Greeks have broken down with no deal yet agreed.

The country has almost EUR7bn due to be repaid this month alone and it seems as if time is running out for the single currency.

This could quite easily send Sterling Euro rates back into the 1.40 territory if no deal is reached over the next few days.

If you have a currency transfer to make and want to save money on exchange rates compared to using your own bank then contact me directly for a free quote. Tom Holian



GBP/EUR Rates Back Above 1.38 (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates have spiked back through 1.38 during Friday’s trading, finishing off another volatile week for Sterling exchange rates. The EUR had gained momentum earlier this week, following news that Greece had been granted an extension on their next loan repayment deadline. This initially brought some market support for the single currency, helping the EUR move back below 1.35 but as the week has worn on this support has waned and it now seems as if the Pound could continue on an upwards curve at the start of next week.

I don’t anticipate a move back through 1,40 under the current conditions but until there is more clarity on how and when the situation in Greece will be resolved, the single currency will find it almost impossible to again any sustained market support.

If you have an upcoming currency requirement and would like to be kept up to date with all the latest market movements, or simply wish to compare our award winning exchange rates with your current provider, then please feel free to contact me directly on