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What to expect for Sterling Euro Exchange Rates next week (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have remained close to an 8 year high to buy Euros during this week as the markets eagerly anticipate next week’s economic announcements.

With GBPEUR rates still riding high one of the main reasons is that whilst Eurozone inflation is very low the ECB have strongly suggested on a number of occasions during the last few weeks that they will do ‘what it takes’ to aid inflation.

Therefore, the market has priced in a potential increase of QE at next Thursday’s interest rate decision.

With the ECB already having allocated as much as EUR 1.1 trillion between March 2015 to October 2016 this has clearly had a negative impact on the strength of the Euro.

Eurozone unemployment figures are due on Tuesday and with Eurozone inflation data published on Wednesday this could provide the necessary evidence for any change on Thursday.

However, my personal opinion is that this has already been priced in so if the ECB fail to act this could send Sterling vs Euro exchange rates in a downwards direction.

Therefore, it may be worth organising your currency prior to Thursday if you need to buy Euros to take advantage of these current levels and eliminate the risk of a fall.

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Where Next for Sterling Exchange Rates? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates continue to float around 1.42 on the exchange, with rates fairly flat during Friday mornings trading. This is despite a key economic data release for the UK earlier today, in the form of the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures. This is usually a key market mover but with the figure of 0.5% growth coming out as expected, it is likely the markets had already factored this into the current rate.

It’s been another positive week for the Pound, with the pair creeping back towards the near 9 year highs we saw in the summer. Whilst the EUR has found protection around the current levels previously, I am not convinced the single currency can sustain a major improvement under the current market conditions. As we heard from David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne during the Autumn budget, the UK recovery is on track. They were extremely bullish about this and future growth forecasts for the UK, so ecpect the Pound to be well supported in the market over the coming weeks.

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GBP/EUR rates show small net loss today ahead of UK GDP figures tomorrow morning (Joshua Privett)

Rates of exchange for Euro buyers on GBP/EUR have shown a net loss before the last data release this month which is expected to have much impact on the currency pair. Ahead of the UK’s GDP figures to be released tomorrow GBP/EUR rates did dip back into the 1.41’s briefly.

While little change occurred by the end of trading today there was still a clear negative emphasis on GBP/EUR exchange rates.

This is understandable, as the last release of UK GDP figures caused a severe fall on GBP/EUR by more than a cent in a single morning of trading. Poor manufacturing growth was the reason for the previously underwhelming figures, and traditionally November sees a lag in the retail sector with consumers pulling on the reigns on their spending, so we should see more of the same weakness on the Sterling side of GBP/EUR tomorrow morning.

The fact that GBP/EUR rates are still above 1.42 after the initial slide this morning are a gift to Euro buyers ahead of the data release tomorrow. If I had a Euro requirement I would be looking to move ahead of the release tomorrow, particularly as the rate movements today have signaled that markets expect poor GDP data to be confirmed at 10am GMT tomorrow morning.

The end of the month also tends to see ‘profit-taking’ as traders wind down their positions from this month in preparation for any changes in strategy for the next calendar month – so expect some serious movement on Friday and Monday.

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GBP/EUR – When Shall I Make my Move? (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/EUR currently has a buoyancy level between 1.41-1.43. The reason Sterling is currently so strong against the Euro is due to Draghi the Head of the European Central Bank announcing he is prepared to increase QE. Quantitative Easing is essentially pumping money into an economy in order to stimulate growth. It is not a proven method by any means. When QE is in place the currency in question will weaken before there is the possibility of growth.

Draghi indicating he will increase QE in December has been factored in to the rates already. The market moves on rumor as well as fact, so don’t expect any great shakes when it occurs. Current rates of exchange should not be overlooked by Euro buyers. We are very close to the eight year high of  1.4407. Inflation in the UK is worrying low, currently at 0.1% when the target is 2%.Mark Carney the Head of the Bank of England indicating he is willing to cut interest rates before there is hike  in order to combat poor inflation. I would be looking to get my trade done if I was buying Euros, holding on for the extra buck could prove costly. Only a short time ago “Black Monday” caused GBP/EUR drop to 1.34.

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The GBPEUR forecast remains favourable for Euro buyers, but for how long?

Euro buyers have been in for a real treat of late with some of the best levels in 8 years if buying with sterling, a truly remarkable rate of exchange. It is easy for Euro buyers to become complacent regarding these levels having seen the market flirt with these levels already this year and with plenty of uncertainty surrounding the Euro. However nothing should ever be taken for granted on exchange rates particularly the way this current market has taken everyone by surprise! I think therefore we could be in for more of a chance of the Euro weakening and the pound finding favour longer term although there could be a short term improvement for Euro sellers on the back of some light GBP weakness witnessed earlier this week.

The rates of exchange for the Euro are at some truly unique levels and this should in my opinion not be taken for granted. Even though there is a good chance the Euro could weaken further when the European Central Bank mention their QE intentions, markets do not always follow set plans! I think it might be more prudent for you be prepared for the rate to fall and be keen to strike on any improvements.

If you have a GBP to euro transfer you are considering in the future making some plans might be a very good idea! For more information on the market and to be kept up with spikes in and out of your favour please speak to me Jonathan by emailing

George Osbourn spending review strengthens the pound. (Dayle Littlejohn)

Live from Westminster George Osbourn’s  bullish comments have provided strength for the Pound and GBPEUR has made back its losses from yesterdays trading period.

Osbourn has stated  Britain is the fastest growing G7 economy since the Conservative party gained power and started the economic recovery. He then went on to say living standards had improved and ‘more than a million’ new jobs will be created in the next 5 years.

I still feel sterling is overvalued at the moment against the Euro and anyone looking to buy euros should trade sooner rather than later. Its was only 4 weeks ago GBPEUR fluctuated in the lower 1.30s, nearly 10 cents less than today.

If you have an upcoming currency transfer and I have not covered the currency pair that you are looking to trade (EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, etc). Feel free to email me with the currency pair and your individual requirement (buying a property abroad, paying a company invoice) and I will personally respond to you with a forecast and the buying process. Dayle Littlejohn. Alternatively call 0044 1494 787 478 and ask for Dayle Littlejohn.


Sterling Euro Exchange Rates fall owing to positive German Economic Data (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have just started to fall from their recent highs following better than expected German economic data released this morning.

The data has surprised the market with positive GDP figures as well as a Business Climate survey.

With US GDP data due out later today at 130pm this could see EURUSD exchange rates drop if the data is strong as I expect it to be.

Over the last few weeks we have seen a huge amount of Euro weakness owing to the increased risks of further Quantitative Easing happening in December as well as an interest rate hike in the US.

Indeed, the US Federal Reserve have stated on many occasions this year that an interest rate hike is data dependent and today’s data could provide the Fed with the data they need to change monetary policy at next month’s interest rate meeting.

Later today if the US data is good then I would expect Sterling to regain vs the single currency later this afternoon.

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Where Next for GBP/EUR Exchange Rates? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates have been creeping back towards the highs we saw in the summer over the past couple of weeks. With the pair now trading just under an 8 year high, EUR buyers have once again been presented with a fantastic opportunity to purchase their currency.

It’s been a volatile few weeks for the pair, which at one point seemed to be heading back towards 1.35. It is not the first time the EUR has threatened to realign itself after months of negative downturns, only for the Pound to snap back. Investors have been unable to find any sustainable confidence in the single currency, especially whilst the Eurozone remains in such economic disarray and although the EUR has found some support around the current levels, recent market developments indicate it will struggle to make a sustained impact against the Pound.

There was some respite for the EUR this morning, following better than expected Manufacturing and Services data. This has helped to curb any further losses for the EUR and may give it some protection over the coming days. The underlying problem facing EUR sellers is the likelihood of the European Central Bank (ECB) increasing their current Quantitative Easing (QE) programme in December, in the hope this will help to drive inflation levels up. With this news now being priced into GBP/EUR rates expect the EUR to struggle, unless of course there is no increase in QE, in which case it is likely the EUR will strengthen off the back of this.

Looking ahead and it’s a fairly quiet week for UK economic data releases, so much of the focus will be on Friday’s Gross Domestic product (GDP) figures. Market expectation is for 2.3% growth, so anything outside of this is likely to cause additional volatility on GBP/EUR exchange rates.

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Sterling Euro breaks 1.43 on the Mid-Market (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have broken 1.43 this week and hit close to the best level to buy Euros for the second time this year and the highest since 2007 creating some excellent opportunities to buy Euros.

The Euro has massively weakened recently as rumours increase of two things including the strong possibility of further QE in the Eurozone as well as an interest rate hike in the US.

If QE takes place then in effect the ECB prints more money into circulation and the increase of supply of a currency typically weakens demand and will mean a fall in the value of the Euro.

In addition to the likelihood of this event taking place in December we could also see the US Federal Reserve look at raising interest rates in December.

Wednesday sees the release of US Jobless Claims and with the Fed having stated on numerous occasions already this year that a rate hike is data dependent then this could add more pressure and increased likelihood of a rate hike at next month’s US meeting.

My prediction for the week is Sterling strength vs the Euro.

If you have a currency transfer to make and want to save money on exchange rates compared to using your own bank then contact me directly for a free quote. Tom Holian



GBP/EUR exchange rates now should be best for remainder of 2015 (Joshua Privett)

GBP/EUR exchange rates have cannoned up by 10 cents in just over a month. In the middle of October buyers will remember that the mid-market on Euro purchasing was around 1.33 for those holding Sterling.

The main driver of this rally for GBP/EUR has actually been as an after-effect for movements on USD/EUR currency exchange rates.

The USD/EUR is the most heavily trading currency pair in the world by volume. As such when one strengthens significantly, the opposite effect is recorded in its partner currency.

For the past month the US Dollar has been the clear winner on the currency markets, gaining value and investor interest by making more and more explicit hints for an interest rate hike in December. This will be the first such rise in a major economy since the recession, which explains the severe gains for the Dollar and the equally strong losses for the Euro.

GBP/EUR has gained 10 cents as more recent news continues to instill greater certainty of a rate hike in the near term. However, a resistance level has since been hit at around 1.43 which has been hard to stay above for long.

In fact, the markets had seemed to be heading back down in the other direction last week, and it is hard to gauge just how much the recent attacks in Paris have been keeping further pressure down on Euro value.

Those with Euros to buy have to come to terms with the fact their their transfer hinges entirely on events in the US. The FED stated recently that ‘barring any unexpected changes in the markets, a rate hike is on the table for December’. This is exactly what they said when a hike was expected in August, and before that in March. 

This time around a hike seems more likely, but buyers should be wary of gambling on this. It was this initial delay in August as a result of the uncertainty caused by China that caused GBP/EUR rates to drop to 1.34 from highs of 1.41 in the space of a week. In any case – it seems that rates will face difficulty stretching much further from this point even if all data and policy changes come out positively.

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Poor UK Retail sales figures dent the pounds purchasing power! (Dayle Littlejohn)

Today the momentum that has been gathering for the pound against the euro diminished, as the UK released poor Retail sales figures. Retail sales fell over 2.5% compared to last months figure showing a drastic decrease in consumer spending.

Tomorrow Mario Draghi is set to address the public with his latest press conference. The latest speech with give an insight into how the ECB observe the current state of the European economy. Further to this Draghi could announce the likelihood of the ECB increasing the Q.E program in December therfore I expect GBP/EUR to have a volatile period tomorrow morning.

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GBP/EUR best exchange rates – Slight drop in Pound value away from multi-year highs (Joshua Privett)

GBP/EUR exchange rates took a small hit this morning following terrible retail sales figures released for the UK economy, but only putting a slight dent in the mammoth gains made for Sterling against the single currency over the past 5 weeks.

GBP/EUR has risen by more than 10 cents as a result of both artificial and very real influences on the rates of exchange.

One of the real, and the most devastating, reasons why Euro value has fallen so far in such a short space of time has been the terrorist attacks in Paris. The ongoing situation with the police raid on a northern Paris suburb looking for the mastermind of the attacks is also keeping increasing pressure on the Euro.

Events in America have been the main driver of this GBP/EUR rally. As the USD/EUR is the most heavily traded currency pair in the world, when the value of one rises, the general rule of thumb is that the other loses value across the currency markets.

Explicit hints that the US will be the first major country to raise interest rates since the recession by the end of this year are what is causing this severe bout of US Dollar strength. This in turn is causing significant capital to flow out of the Euro and improving GBP/EUR rates of exchange.

This has already been priced into markets so the confirmation of this when December comes around shouldn’t help Euro buyers further. Furthermore, as these events are nothing to do with any changes in the performance of the European or UK (quite the opposite with the data on the retail sector posted today), these are unlikely to be a permanent feature on the currency markets.

I strongly recommend that anyone with Euros to buy should contact me on to discuss a strategy to maximise your Euro return based on data to be released over the coming weeks. I believe rates will still tick up slight to reverse the losses of today, but a drop on the near future can be expected once the artificial pressure on the Euro is lifted.

I will remind my regular readers that GBP/EUR rates of exchange can be pegged for up to a year to avoid losses on the exchange rates whilst you wait to complete your currency transfer. I can explain how this is done and I have never had a problem beating the rates of exchange offered elsewhere.


Will the pound rise further against the Euro this week?

GBPEUR rates have really improved as the likelihood of a US interest rate increases and the prospect of further QE increases too. Will this situation just keep on going? Well it would not be surprising if we actually saw the rates snap back in the future since nothing should ever be taken for granted on exchange rates. Much of the movement has been in relation to news from overseas that threatens to lead to Euro weakness but there are no guarantees these events will occur and henceforth I think if you need to buy euros moving sooner rather than later is the best course of action to avoid disappointment.

Let us views exchange rate movements for the last 8 years on GBPEUR and we find that we have just come to a point where the forecast is now for further improvements in the levels on offer, the recent trends had all been fairly poor for Euro buyers, this has clearly changed this year however. In short if you are buying Euros you are doing so at an 8 year high! This is bad news for Euro sellers who I think should think twice about stalling their decision to buy or sell, just waiting and hoping for rates to improve is a very dangerous strategy!

For more information at no cost or obligation please speak to me Jonathan by emailing

GBP/EUR Breaks 1.43 (Daniel Johnson)

After the atrocities Friday it is good to see there has been no knee jerk reactions on the market. There was movement on on GBP/EUR today however, caused by above par inflation figures. Last months CPI figures came in a -0.1%, only the second time in the last 60yrs the UK has been in deflation. The figures released today cam in at 0.1% and have caused GBP/EUR to spike into the 1.43’s.

With little UK economic data out for the rest of the week I would be tempted to get a trade done if I was a Euro buyer. Draghi’s speech on Friday morning could cause some volatility if he gives anything away with regards to his QE plans.

If you have GBP/EUR requirement I would be happy to assist. I will guarantee to beat any other brokerages exchange rates. Please do get in touch by calling 01494 787 478 or feel free to e-mail me directly at .

GBP/EUR exchange rates surprisingly stable ahead of the weekend (Joshua Privett)

Frustratingly for those with a GBP/EUR buying requirement, poor Eurozone growth data did little to weaken the Euro ahead of the third week of trading in November.

While GDP growth expectations for the year were expected to come in at 1.7% for the Eurozone, the results came in 0.1% lower. While this doesn’t seem like much, in an economy that size, this represents a sizable chunk of revenue.

However, there were positive long-term signs hidden in the data that markets were focusing on. Greece’s economic growth is improving and the EU’s exports have increased by 10% in a single month. The Eurozone is reaping the benefits of a cheap currency, so long term forecasts for improvement stopped the single currency from losing much value against Sterling.

However, the slide on GBP/EUR seems set to recommence next week with the inflation hearings for the UK economy on Tuesday next week.

Severe Sterling weakness occurred last week when the Bank of England announced they would not raise interest rates until 2017. The reason given was expectations of further inflation issues to come – so these hearings next week will likely shine a further negative light on Sterling.

Last week GBP/EUR fell three cents across a day’s trading, with similar inflation news expected, markets won’t be surprised with similar results.

I strongly recommend that anyone with Euros to buy should contact me on to discuss a strategy for your transfer in order to buy at any peaks reached before Tuesday’s meeting. I have also never had an issue beating rates of exchange offered by high street banks or competing brokerages.

Sterling Euro Exchange Rates at 3 month high (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have hit a 3 month high during today’s trading session as QE in the Eurozone gets closer as well as an interest rate hike in the US.

Rumours are beginning to increase that both events will take place in December and this has caused the single currency to weaken vs Sterling creating some excellent opportunities to buy Euros at this 3 month high.

Bank of England economist Andy Haldane was quoted earlier today stating that the UK economy is losing speed but seemingly the currency markets are overlooking these comments and focusing on the problems in the Eurozone.

ECB president Mario Draghi has spoken gain today and his dovish comments have seen even more weakness for the single currency.

Eurozone GDP data is due out in the morning and if worse than the expected 1.7% this could see Sterling rise against the Euro during tomorrow afternoon.

If you have a currency transfer to make and want to save money on exchange rates compared to using your own bank then contact me directly for a free quote. Tom Holian




GBP/EUR hits 3 month highs following Draghi speech (Joshua Privett)

GBP/EUR rates of exchange cannoned up the three month highs this morning but this was immediately corrected, and GBP/EUR rates are still in the mid to low 1.41’s as I type this article.

The trigger was a speech given my Mario Draghi this morning which put forward further hints about continued emergency stimulus for the Eurozone economy after the original September 2016 deadline.

The reason behind the instant correction was the market jumping to buy Euros whilst rates had hit such highs, which drove up the Euros value through additional demand.

GBP/EUR is essentially back where it started today, and the reason markets jumped at these opportunities is likely because a fall in Sterling value is expected on Tuesday next week.

Inflation hearings are set to be held with Bank of England members being grilled by the treasury committee on how the UK has gotten into such dire straits and what, if any, solutions are being put forward.

It was because of inflation hitting the lowest levels since records began recently that the Bank of England were forced to announce there would be no rate hikes in 2016 whatsoever. This caused GBP/EUR to fall by 3 cents on the news, so the inflation hearings themselves are likely to echo that same Sterling weakness, though probably not to the same extent.

The markets have signaled what they expect to happen on Tuesday with a mass-Euro purchase this afternoon. Those with an upcoming Euro requirement should be looking to follow suit.

I strongly suggest that anyone with Euros to buy should contact me on 01494 787 478 and ask the reception for Joshua to receive a competitive quote for your transfer – simply explain that you found my details through this article to receive commercial rates of exchange.


UK unemployment strengthens the Pound! (Dayle Littlejohn)

GBP/EUR rates of exchange hit further highs today as a result of strong unemployment figures for the UK economy. Unemployment fell to its lowest levels since 2008 which is why GBP/EUR is back up close to multi-year highs.

Today the Bank of England Forum, where the heads of various international Central Banks were speaking was expected to cause significant movement on the markets as hints would be given about future financial policy. Instead it was used as a political platform for the UK remaining in the EU by outlining financial benefits for all economies. It was a non-event for currency markets which allowed the positive employment figures released to govern GBP/EUR rates today.

If you have an upcoming currency transfer and I have not covered the currency pair that you are looking to trade (EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, etc). Feel free to email me with the currency pair and your individual requirement (buying a property abroad, paying a company invoice etc) and I will personally respond to you with a forecast and the buying process. Dayle Littlejohn.

GBP/EUR spikes back above 1.41 – what else can we expect this week? (Joshua Privett)

GBP/EUR rates of exchange have been rising gradually since yesterday morning, this gradual rise gave way to a sharp spike when UK unemployment fell to their lowest levels since 2008.

Yesterday most analysts were expecting severe Sterling weakness as Bank of England representatives were set to appear before the Government’s Treasury Committee to explain why the inflation situation in the UK has become so dire that interest rates cannot rise now until 2017.

The initial announcement of a rate freeze last Thursday, as a result of further deterioration for UK inflation expected in 2016, caused GBP/EUR to drop by 3 Cents. A further fall was expected during the inflation hearings as difficult questions would be asked by Parliament which were avoided during the press conference, and confidence in Sterling would fall further still as a result.

This hearing was delayed until next Tuesday, and this has removed significant pressure on the Pound in the short-term which has allowed GBP/EUR to rise (and continue to do so this morning following this positive UK employment data).

This threat to Sterling’s value hasn’t been removed but simply delayed in next week – this was likely to spread out the fallout from the announcement of a rate freeze last week. As such falls on GBP/EUR are expected on Tuesday next week, whether this will be minor or major depends on how the hearings progress.

However, all solutions presented to curb inflation traditionally cause negative effects for the value of a currency. The tools most central banks have used since the 2007/8 financial crisis have been rate cuts and quantitative easing – which contributed to why GBP/EUR fell to 1.1-1.2 in 2008.

I am in no way saying rates will fall to these levels, I am simply highlighting that the hearings themselves could only put further pressure on Sterling.

I would not be surprised by a further 1 or 2 cent drop on GBP/EUR next Tuesday. It is rare that currency markets can have such predictable movements, but its also rare that such a significant economic event gets delayed – allowing people more time to consider their position

As such this week and the rises for GBP/EUR within it should be seized as a gift for Euro buyers. I strongly recommend that those with Euros to purchase in the next few months should contact me on 01494 787 478 and ask the reception for Joshua to discuss how these currently high levels of exchange can be fixed to avoid any harmful movements on a future transfer.

Those with an immediate Euro requirement can do the same, and I have never had an issue beating the rates of exchange on GBP/EUR offered elsewhere. If you have Euros to sell we can also discuss a strategy to ride any future movements in your favour.

Will GBPEUR just keep on rising?

The GBPEUR exchange rate has been rising and rising for the last month hitting 1.41937 at the pea, that is 8 1/2 cent higher than the low of 1.3356 on the 12th October. If you are buying £200,000 worth of Euros today you are getting an extra €15,580! This remarkable movement has been very much against the grain of opinion concerning sterling and many commentators actually had GBPEUR falling to 1.30 by the year end based on poor performance of the pound with a very low likelihood of an interest rate rise for the UK. Despite the forecast for the UK to raise interest rates being pushed further (and weakening the pound last week) it is the poor performance of the Eurozone and suspected future economic policies that is worrying investors.

The Eurozone is contemplating further Quantitative  Easing (QE) which will weaken the Euro, they have also openly discussed the prospect of an interest rate cut. Both these events could serve to weaken the Euro and the mere prospect of this happening down the line has set the Euro on the back foot. Tomorrow we have an important release containing UK Unemployment data, this has been one of the stronger areas for the UK in recent years and could see sterling finds some favour.

I feel on balance there is a danger that for anyone selling Euros that they might come unstuck in the future, nothing is ever certain on exchange rates but there is a reason we have had such a big market movement. Whilst there could be a relief rally of some description, I feel it likely GBPEUR will climb higher in the future. To get the latest updates and forecasts on the market please email me Jonathan on including some contact details and a brief description of your situation.