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GBP/EUR – Where Next? (Daniel Johnson)

Brexit phase two could cause prolonged Sterling weakness

The main driver on GBP/EUR at present is Brexit. There is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding how Brexit talks will progress. GBP/EUR hit 1.15 recently following the announcement a deal had been agreed in regards to Irish borders. The small window of opportunity for euro buyers soon closed however following stupid comments from David Davis. Davis, the secretary of state for exiting the European Union, he thought it would be a bright idea to state the border deal was not legally binding.  The pound fell in value as a result.

There was then the eleven tory MPs who managed to win a vote that any deal agreed by Theresa May at the recent European summit would have to be given the ok by parliament, substantially weakening May’s position and again sterling fell.

Phase two of negotiations is set to be far more difficult than phase one. The important issues such as immigration and trade are set to be addressed. Negotiations are expected to be problematic and lengthy. At present GBP/EUR seems range bound between 1.10-1.15

Potential Opportunity for Euro Buyers

Tomorrow Spanish regional elections will commence. There are several parties that are in favour of Catalonian independence. If it looks like Catalonia will leave Spain and indeed the EU the euro could suffer. Although Catalonia makes up a significant amount of Spanish GDP it is the threat that other regions could follow suit and leave the EU that is the threat to the Euro.

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Catalonian election could create Euro weakness (Daniel Johnson)

Close election in Spain could weaken the Euro

Regional elections in Spain commence on Thursday and they are a cause for worry for Brussels. The election is expected to be close between pro and anti independence parties. I would be surprised if any of the seven parties involved mange to secure a majority victory. Political uncertainty is a main factor in currency weakness so this  could create an opportunity for euro buyers.

Catalans have a tough decision. They must stick with a unstable separatist coalition whose leaders have been placed in prison or left the country, or take a chance on alternative parties that fall in line with a united Spain which would no doubt suit Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy’s wishes.

Recent polls suggest a lead for Catalonian secessionists who have used a the slim victory in the last regional parliament to declare independence  and cause a clash over sovereignty and popular that have caused worry far beyond Spain. There was less than half of the electorate involved in that vote.

Catalonia makes up a significant amount of Spanish GDP, but it is the threat that other regions follow suit if independence becomes a reality. If other regions, not just in Spain decide to campaign for independence this could create a serious threat to the Euro.

If you are buying euros with Sterling however be wary of hanging on for significant gains. I would suggest moving if the market hits above 1.14, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations is seemingly anchoring GBP/EUR below 1.15,it is something of a resistance point at present.

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Brexit talks dominate GBPEUR exchange rates (Tom Holian)

The next round of Brexit negotiations are due to start later today at the meeting currently being held in Brussels.

Hopefully this could mean that things could move on to the longer-term relationship between the European Union and the UK and if the talks go well we could see the Pound make some gains vs the Euro.

Indeed, if the talks progress we could see discussions moving forward about a transition deal for what will happen once the UK has left the European Union in 2019.

The Pound made some small improvements against the Euro yesterday hitting 1.14 on the Interbank level but it appears as though GBPEUR exchange rates are waiting to see what happens with the Brexit negotiations before making their move.

I personally think we could see the Pound move in an upwards direction if the talks progress as it shows that we are getting closer to agreeing a solution.

However, whatever happens over the next few days even if the Pound does rise against the single currency I think the movements will be relatively short-lived.

Indeed, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that progress had been made but there was ‘much more work to be done and time is of the essence.’

As we go into the start of next week Eurozone inflation data is due to be released on Monday which could cause some movements for Sterling vs the Euro but ultimately I think the market will mainly be moved by whatever happens with the Brexit discussions so make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality.

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GBP EUR Rates before EU Summit

The pound should be in for a volatile couple of days with Theresa May flying to Brussels today to meet the other 27 European leaders at this summit. It will be decided officially if sufficient progress has been made for talks to move on to the second phase in the negotiations and the outcome should have a sizeable impact on the price of GBP EUR.

If the mood is positive from both the UK and EU side then this is likely to have a positive impact on sterling exchange rates. A move back over 1.15 for GBP EUR seems entirely plausible and could present some good opportunities for those clients looking to buy Euros. Those clients looking at selling Euros for pounds would be wise to consider securing a rate prior to any announcements as the odds would suggest that an agreement will be reached.

Theresa May goes to Brussels today having lost a key vote in the House of Commons last night which allows parliament to now have vote on the final deal offered by the EU and some would argue it weakens her hand in these important negotiations. This could cause problems further down the line in government as well as delays in delivering Brexit and in my view this is likley to create additional uncertainty for sterling exchange rates going forward. A key vote next week on the setting of a date for Brexit enshrining it into law will be crucial and if the government was to lose this vote then the pound could come under additional pressure. The Bank of England and European Central Bank interest rate decisions today are also likely to create more volatility for GBP EUR.

Today and tomorrow could see major market movement on the back of the summit so to discuss how your individual currency requirement is likely to be impacted by these events then please feel free to get in touch with me at

EU summit to take centre stage

Tomorrow and Friday EU officials will meet at the EU summit in Brussels to discuss everything that is impacting the Eurozone at present but the main focus will be the Brexit negotiations.

In recent weeks the UK and EU have come to a gentleman’s agreement in regards to the divorce bill, EU citizens rights and the Irish border. Nothing has been finalised however Michel Barnier has announced that stage 2 negotiations can now begin.

At the EU summit all of the EU leaders should confirm Mr Barnier’s thoughts which could give the pound a further boost against the euro. However as news broke last week that a deal has been reached i’m not expecting to see major fluctuations. In fact I would expect that GBPEUR breaks through and sits above 1.14 by the end of the week.

It’s quite clear to see that the UK and EU officials are trying to come to an agreement in regards to Brexit, and therefore I am optimistic the pound could continue its recovery against the euro in the early months of 2018.

For clients that are converting euros into pounds a €200,000 transfer generates you an additional £25,000 now compared to Pre Brexit levels. Personally I wouldn’t take the gamble any longer and would look to sell my euros and buy sterling as soon as possible.

The other key economic event that will impact GBPEUR exchange rates this week is the Bank of England’s interest rates. The Bank of England will keep interest rates on hold at 0.5%, however as inflation has risen to a 6 year high, the minutes should outline how the central bank plan to tackle the worrying high levels.

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EU Summit could cause Sterling rally (Daniel Johnson)

Davis comments cause the pound to fall

Sterling value is predominantly being influenced by the situation on Brexit.  Phase two of Brexit negotiations is due to commence shortly if all goes to plan tomorrow and how it progresses will have ramifications for the pound. GBP/EUR hit 1.15 on Friday following the announced agreement on Irish borders. I was of the opinion this could be the start of some more significant gains for the pound, but comments from Donald Tusk caused Sterling to fall in value. Phase two negotiations could prove problematic if Brussels decide to make an example of the UK in order to warn off other regions from leaving the EU. I think this has been witnessed to some extent in phase one, I personally feel it is diabolical it has taken this long to get to this stage.
The UK’s Brexit secretary, David Davis has not helped matters. He stated over the weekend that the guarantees on the Northern Ireland border were not legally binding and caused Sterling to drop in value against the majority of major currencies. Not too clever considering his position and power to influence the exchange. He has however vowed to convert the Brexit deal into legally binding text.
Brussels are clearly not happy with Davis’s comments and it does not bode well for negotiations moving forward.  Davis’s comments could cause amendments to the current deal at the EU summit tomorrow. If everything goes to plan Brexit talks can enter phase two next year which should be beneficial to the pound.
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The impact of exchange rates when selling a property in Europe (Tom Holian)

If you’re in the process of selling a property abroad the chances are that you’re doing research about how to save money when selling Euros to buy Pounds.

We have seen the Pound come under a lot of pressure since June 2016 when the UK voted with a majority to leave the European Union and although the Pound has been improving recently the gains could be very short lived.

The next EU summit is due to take place next Thursday and Friday and up for discussion will be the Irish border issue as well as trying to kick start the trade negotiations.

At the moment the Irish border issue is clearly far from being sorted and I think unless this gets resolved by next week the Pound could face some real problems next week as the trade talks could stall making the whole meeting almost rather pointless.

The UK announces both Industrial and Manufacturing data in the morning so this could cause some short term movements tomorrow and as we go into the afternoon the latest NIESR GDP data is announced for the last three months.

Although these are not the official figures they are usually very accurate and therefore could be an indicator as to which way GBPEUR exchange rates will move towards the end of the week.

Many of my clients who are buying or selling a house in Europe have been buying forward contracts recently in order to avoid the uncertainty as to where exchange rates could be by the time completion comes around.

This involves paying a small deposit with the balance to be paid at a later stage to guarantee an exchange rate.

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GBP/EUR Forecast – The Pound Recovers Following Yesterday’s Losses (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates have remained fairly flat during Wednesday’s trading, with Sterling holding firm against its Euro counterpart.

The Pound was under pressure yesterday morning but fought back during the afternoon to eliminate any deficit.

GBP/EUR rates continue to trade above 1.13, hitting a high of 11.362 today. With the EUR finding support around 1.14 of late, clients looking for any spikes through this level will be hoping for a swift resolution to the current round of Brexit talks.

If the UK government and EU can agree upon a final settlement figure (rumoured to be in the region of 50 billion EUR), guarantee the protection of EU nationals living and working in the UK and also come to arrangement over the setup of the new Irish border, we may see some investor confidence return to the UK.

This in turn could have a positive impact on Sterling’s value but even if talks do progress over the coming as both sides are striving for, I don’t anticipate a major or sustainable improvement for the Pound.

The Pound dipped yesterday due to major sell-off of Sterling positions, which was likely linked to the latest report regarding Brexit negotiations. Despite the undertone being fairly positive in terms of the on-going hope that both sides could reach a deal before long, talks were broken off due to disagreements over a number of key issues.

The DUP party, who the government rely upon due to their coalition agreement, have stated that they will not sign off on any deal regarding Brexit unless Northern Ireland’s terms are mirrored exactly to those of the UK.

This is causing problems over an agreement regarding the Irish border, with the government angling for a softer Brexit for Northern Ireland, in order to keep a fairly relaxed border between them and Southern Ireland.

This halt in proceedings has caused some investors to panic, which in turn has caused GBP/EUR rates to drop.

With so many unanswered questions surrounding Brexit, in terms of when we will move on to the next phase and what type of concession this may incur, and my opinion is to avoid gambling on the current market. We have no idea what sort of trade deal the UK can agree with the EU and how the UK economy may progress over the years, in what is completely new and unchartered territory.

If you have an upcoming GBP/EUR currency transfer to make you can contact me directly on 01494 787 478. We can help guide you through this turbulent market and as a company we have over eighteen years’ experience, in helping our clients achieve the very best exchange rates on any given market.

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A volatile start to the week for GBPEUR exchange rates and what to expect next?

This week we have seen major fluctuation for GBPEUR exchange rates off the back of the Brexit negotiations. To start the week rumors emerged that the UK had secured the three key aspects to start Brexit negotiations and the pound made substantial gains against the euro.

However throughout Monday afternoon Theresa May confirmed no deal has been secured and the DUP added to Theresa May’s problems by stating they are not happy with a different border control to the rest of the UK, in other words having a soft border with the Republic of Ireland.

I’m still of the opinion that in the upcoming weeks the UK and EU will agree to start trade negotiations at some point early next year, which will provide a period of sterling strength for clients buying euros. Therefore if I had time I would hold off for the time being.

For euro sellers at present you are still receiving what I like to call the ‘Brexit discount’. What I mean by this is compared to Pre Brexit levels you are receiving an additional 15%. To put this into monetary value on a €200,000 transfer you are receiving an additional £25,000.

I would recommend emailing me with a brief description of your requirements and your timescales (this is very important, the length of time you have will change your options) and I will email you with my strategy and the process of using our company Alternatively if you would like to discuss your requirements over the phone call 01494-787478 and ask to be put through to Dayle Littlejohn.

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GBP EUR Recovers Ground on Expected Brexit Deal

GBP EUR exchange rates have rallied in afternoon trade recovering the losses seen this morning for this pair. The pound has seen a hugely volatile couple of days as the Brexit negotiations continue to be the main driving force for sterling exchange rates. The lack of agreement at the last moment yesterday when the deal was scuppered by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) saw sterling fall from its recent highs although it is clear that an agreement is the preferred option from all sides.

Any breakthrough which could come later this week could see the pound rally as the prospect of a no deal scenario becomes less likely. Those who are optimistic could see some excellent gains for those clients looking to buy Euros. The crunch point will be the end of next week after the EU summit 14th & 15th December. Any deal should be worked out by this time and any failure in not doing so would almost certainly see the pound weaken.

Data is light for both the UK and EU on Wednesday so focus will move to UK house price numbers on Thursday and EU Gross Domestic Product data. The EU had suffered until recently from very weak economic growth and so these numbers will be closely scrutinised by the European Central Bank. Economic data has largely been positive in recent weeks and confidence in the EU reached a 17 year high in November.

With Brexit negotiations between the relevant parties continuing then developments here will almost certainly overshadow the economic data. Once again it is politics which is having the biggest impact on GBP EUR rates and this is unlikely to change anytime soon with discussions expected to continue right up to the wire in 2019.

For more information on the price of sterling and the Euro then please get in touch with me James at

Will GBPEUR rise or fall over December?

The pound is very volatile against the Euro on the shifts in the Brexit negotiations! GBPEUR rose by almost 1.5 cents against the Euro hitting some of the best rates in 3 months but the good news did not last with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) failing to back up Theresa May’s new position. This has seen sterling slide back below 1.13 this morning which is presenting a good opportunity for Euro sellers to buy pounds which might not last!

The overall impression is that the pound will rise further once any kind of deal is struck so if you need to buy pounds with Euros moving on this opportunity is wise. The flipside is that should the negotiations surprisingly break down and the DUP withdraw support for the Conservative Party, sterling could fall much further.

For the pound, there is more important news on the economy this morning with the latest Services PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) data released at 09.30 am. If you have a transfer to make soon then today’s data could be key to short-term movements. Whilst the headline Brexit news will be key to influencing the overall position I would not be surprised to see the pound strengthen on the back of this news as Services are a key component of the UK economy.

GBPEUR is extremely volatile at present as the markets tried to second guess the outcome of the Brexit negotiations and also the Spanish Catalonian election. If you have a transfer to make in the future this will be key too to movements on the Euro.

For more information on the GBPEUR forecast please email me Jonathan Watson on

What can we expect in the coming weeks on GBPEUR?

The pound to Euro rate has risen against the odds as the UK appears to be getting further ahead with its Brexit plans. The European Union is meeting with the UK at the latest Brexit summit on the 14th and 15th December which is the next major phase of the plans. If there is anything you need to look at, whether buying or selling Euros there are two key events to be aware of which may move the market.

The EU Summit is vital but also the Catalonian independence election on the 21st December. The overall belief is that the pound could rise further against the Euro. The overall impression is that the pound could rise further against the Euro if the EU summit does prove interesting for the UK and the pound but actually we need to be careful that all of the goodwill so far towards sterling does not quickly undo itself.

If you have a transfer buying the pound in the future then there is a real chance the Euro will weaken further so it might make sense to be looking to maximise the transfer sooner than later. Overall expectations are that the pound could rise further although there are no guarantees. I would personally be very conscious sterling could suffer longer term because of the Brexit.

If you have a transfer to make buying or selling the pound or the Euro this month there are two key releases which will be important. For more information at no cost or obligation please get in touch by emailing