Major volatility expected for GBPEUR exchange rates

With the spotlight beaming down on UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the pound remains under severe pressure against the euro providing euros sellers with a fantastic opportunity.

Reports were leaked at the weekend that 40 Conservative MPs plan to persuade another 8 Conservative MPs to sign a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. This is a key reason to why the pound started the week so poorly against all of the major currencies.

Head Eu negotiators Michel Barnier is also mounting the pressure as he gave the UK a 2 week deadline for progression, this announcement was released last Friday therefore we have 8 days until crunch time. Mr Barnier wants to be able to report clear progression at the EU commission meeting in December.

With Brexit negotiations now in full swing and clearing heating up, I expect major volatility for GBPEUR exchange rates for the remainder of the year. If no progression is made I believe Theresa May’s time at number 10 will be limited and therefore GBPEUR exchange rates could fall to the lows that we saw 8 months ago (1.07).

However if progression is made pressure will be released, and GBPEUR could hit a 6 month high (1.15). If you are converting GBPEUR in the upcoming weeks devising a strategy now is wise!

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