Best rate to sell Euros to buy Pounds since November 2016 (Tom Holian)

The Pound has now dropped to its lowest level to buy Euros since November last year as the political landscape remains uncertain.

Although the Tories managed to succeed as the largest party they did not win enough votes to form a majority government and at the moment talks are continuing between the Conservatives and the DUP in an attempt to conclude the election result.

The Queen’s Speech has been delayed for a few days until things are sorted out with the initial date of June 19th having now been postponed. The speech is one written by the government and outlines its plans for how it will run parliament during its term.

All this news does not bode well for Sterling Euro exchange rates as uncertainty will often cause problems for the currency involved. Previously when the Tories were forced to form a coalition with the Lib Dems back in 2010 it took almost 3 weeks after the election result to have the Queen’s Speech.

I personally think we’ll see further problems ahead for the Pound against the single currency whilst all this uncertainty continues.

The election result may even delay the Brexit talks which were also due to start next week. Until we have some form of agreement then we will be stuck in limbo so I cannot see the Pound making gains vs the Euro in the short term until things settle down.

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Tom Holian


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