Brexit negotiations to dominate Sterling vs Euro exchange rates (Tom Holian)

Brexit talks are again set to dominate Sterling Euro exchange rates as Prime Minister Theresa May has been told that she has a fortnight before she has to add more money to the pot if she wants talks to progress between the UK and the EU.

EU Council President Donald Tusk is preparing to take things forward but he has said that he wants the UK to move forward on the issue of the divorce bill as well as the Irish border.

At the moment the ‘divorce bill’ is still yet to be decided and this needs to see further progress before the next official summit due to take place on 14th December.

Tusk is due to meet with Theresa May next week but things are likely to stall at least until next year if things don’t get resolved during the next two weeks.

As we go into next week all eyes will be focused on next Wednesday’s Autumn Statement. The Chancellor Philip Hammond could face a lot of pressure from Tory Euro skeptics to be bullish about the Brexit so it will be interesting to see what plans he has for tax cuts and plans to encourage spending.

Hammond has been relatively cautious so far so further evidence of this could cause a lot of movement for Sterling vs the Euro during the middle of next week so make sure you keep a close eye out on the markets and the impact of the Autumn Statement and ongoing Brexit saga.

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