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What can we expect now for GBPEUR?

The pound to Euro rate has slipped from 1.1040 at the highest this morning to now 1.0948 at the lows. This is not good news for any clients buying Euros and the pain could be compounded even further tomorrow with the latest UK Unemployment information plus also the latest Wage Growth information. Markets will be looking closely to the latest news on the UK’s Unemployment situation to try and determine just what is around the corner in the coming weeks and months. Overall further sterling weakness cannot be ruled out!

If you are buying Euros with pounds some form of protection seems sensible as we prepare ourselves for further losses in the future. The pound looks like it could well improve on the back of any good news but so far there does not seem to be much of it around. If you are looking at the market from the current perspective it is all very sterling negative, in such a market all it can take is one piece of good news to suddenly change the picture.

I doubt tomorrow’s news will be this trigger but it is certainly something to be most aware of and for clients looking to buy or sell Euros with pounds to be conscious of. GBPEUR has been trading at the best rates for clients looking to sell Euros for pounds since 2011. This is an excellent reason for clients looking to sell Euros to by pounds to capitalise, whilst it might get better can you really afford to take the risk of missing out?

For more information on the best exchange rates and when to look at making your currency exchange please contact me Jonathan Watson by emailing The pound is at a very important juncture against the Euro so making plans sooner than later is sensible in my opinion.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

Will the Pound fall lower than 1.10 over the next few days? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has remained under pressure against the Euro recently as the negative effects of Brexit appear to be gathering pace.

We are now ten years on from the credit crunch and over 10 years since the Bank of England last raised interest rates in the UK.

Trade Balance figures in the UK yesterday showed a big deficit for June and this is highlighting that the lack of investment and spending by businesses in light of the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Manufacturing and industrial production data showed a rise but the overwhelming factor is that of Brexit which is causing problems for Sterling Euro exchange rates.

Credit ratings agency Moody’s has recently cut its outlook for consumer debt and has warned that high inflation combined with a falling in wages could cause a large exposure to the debt.

Next week on Tuesday UK inflation data is due out and I think if we see a figure lower than last month’s 2.6% then this could see GBPEUR rates fall below the support level of 1.10 going into the middle of next week.

Therefore, if you’re in the process of buying Euros then it may be worth looking at buying a forward contract which allows you to secure an exchange rate for a future date with a small deposit.

If you have a currency exchange to carry out in the coming days, weeks or months then you are more than welcome to speak with me directly as I will be more than happy to help you both with trying to time a transaction and getting you the top market rate when you do come to buy your currency.

A small improvement in a rate of exchange can make a huge difference so for the sake of taking two minutes to email me you may find you save yourself hundreds if not thousands of Pounds. You can email me (Tom Holian) on and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

Euro at 10 month high against the Pound (Tom Holian)

Pound Euro exchange rates have continued to fall this week hitting support levels of 1.10 earlier this afternoon.

The Pound is really struggling caused by the uncertainty of Brexit and the recent downgrading of the UK’s growth forecast for both this year and next.

Earlier on today French Trade Balance came out much better than expected as did their Export figures which further highlighted the strength of the economy in the Eurozone.

Indeed, the Euro is now trading at its best level in almost 18 months against the US Dollar which is good news for anyone holding Euros at the moment.

If you’re in the process of selling a property in Europe but have not yet completed it may be worth looking at buying a forward contract which allows you to fix an exchange rate for a future date.

This involves paying a small deposit and the remaining balance at a date that works for you. This means you know exactly how much Sterling you will get when the property completes and can be especially useful if you’re concerned as to what may happen to GBPEUR exchange rates in the weeks ahead.

If you have a currency exchange to carry out in the coming days, weeks or months then you are more than welcome to speak with me directly as I will be more than happy to help you both with trying to time a transaction and getting you the top market rate when you do come to buy your currency.

A small improvement in a rate of exchange can make a huge difference so for the sake of taking two minutes to email me you may find you save yourself hundreds if not thousands of Pounds. You can email me (Tom Holian) on and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.


Will GBPEUR rise or fall next week?

The beginning of a new month always sees a new set of economic data and next Tuesday we will have the latest UK data for the month of July. The data so for for Construction, Manufacturing and Services for the UK have all been showing weakness since the Brexit and this could be reflected int he data next week which would see the pound lower. Overall expectations for the UK remain subdued, meanwhile the Eurozone is going from strength to strength! If you have a transfer buying or selling the pound and Euro the current rates are at a very interesting point. Euro sellers for pounds have close to a 9 month high, Euro buyers with pounds could easily see levels slip. Both for buyers and sellers there are strong arguments in either direction!

I am expecting GBPEUR could easily trade in the higher levels in the coming weeks but much will depend on just how the trade negotiations are received. The pound has been largely unaffected by the latest developments in the trade talks, I think this is because nothing will be decided for at least a year possibly 18 months. That means sterling is likely to remain languishing as investors await for further news of the talks. Ultimately with no real good news seen in the short term Euro buyers with pounds should be treading very carefully!

If you have any transactions to make in the future then making some plans in advance is very much worthwhile. We cannot just sit back and hope for the best in this market. If you need some information and assistance to help make an informed choice and decision about your FX transaction please contact me Jonathan Watson directly by emailing

If you need to transfer amounts above £10,000 bank to bank across borders or within the UK I am very confident I can help you with your situation. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Will GBPEUR slip below 1.10?

Dismissed as no longer a likely exchange rate the GBPEUR rate has been very close to the 1.10 level as investors take positions on the Euro which represents a much more secure currency versus the GBP and USD. The Euro has risen to a 2 1/2 year high against the US dollar and is currently enjoying close to a 9 month high against the pound. The outlook for the pound and Euro is such that it would not be at all surprising to see GBPEUR below 1.10 very soon. If you have a transfer buying or selling the pound and Euro making plans around this possible scenario is I believe very much recommended.

If you look at what is driving the pound it is obviously the uncertainty over the Brexit and the economic decline this has caused. More recently the pound had been higher on the prospects of the Bank of England raising interest rates but this is not materialising. Last week Inflation dropped leading to the pound dropping as this effectively rules out any UK interest rate hike in 2017 or maybe further.

There are no guarantees over an interest rate hike for the UK in the future and it is a dangerous gamble for clients buying Euros to be holding back from a purchase just hoping that rates will rise in their favour. Most clients looking to buy Euros should be preparing for further losses as this could easily fall lower.

The Euro is much stronger as politics and economic supports the Eurozone. Expectations on GBPEUR could easily the rate below 1.10, if you have a transfer to make buying or selling Euros for pounds making some plans in advance is wise. For more information at no cost or obligation please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing

What next for GBPEUR rates?

Overall the belief on the GBPEUR rate is that it will now continue to ebb lower and lower as the uncertainty over the UK’s political and economic outlook is overshadowed by much improved economic data and also political certainty in the Eurozone. Those who predicted the demise of the Euro and the Eurozone a few years ago are now facing some serious questions as the outlook for the Eurozone continues to improve. If you are selling Euros the likelihood of further improvements cannot be ruled out. The extra 2 cents gained for Euro sellers this week is an extra £1500 in your pocket per €100,000 transferred. If you wish to learn more about rate movements and how much you could save please contact me

If you have a transfer to make buying or selling the pound and Euro the current trend is looking likely to favour the Euro but there could be surprises on the way. For example Mario Draghi was actually quite ‘dovish’ or soft in his comments yesterday during the European Central Bank (ECB) Press Conference. Nevertheless the Euro rallied essentially as Mario revealed there are plans to taper their bond buying purchases in the future.

This strengthened the Euro but Mario didn’t actually reveal too much on timings, that means that the market might actually have overreacted to his comments. This can often be the case on markets so Euro strength is neither guaranteed or assured. However looking at the overall picture and particularly against a weaker pound a further decline in the GBPEUR rate looks to me likely.

If you have a transfer buying or selling Euros we are here to help with the planning and execution of any transactions for the future. We can help with the forecasting and devising of strategies to help you maximise the transaction. Thank you for reading and please contact me if you would like to discuss anything further by emailing

UK Data and Carney to Dictate GBP/EUR (Ben Fletcher)

This we will see a whole flurry of UK data including the Producer Price Index along with the latest Consumer Price Index. The CPI data which currently sits at 2.9% compared to this time last year, is a key indicator of inflation levels. If this level moves above 3%, which it isn’t expected to however the recent climb would suggest other wise, he market could move. If inflation continues to rise faster than average earnings consumers will start to feel the pinch, however the Bank of England could have a solution.

Governor of the Bank of England is expected to deliver a speech just after lunchtime today discussing his latest thoughts on the UK economy. The big question for investors at the moment is the potential of a UK interest rate hike in the short term. The Bank of England can encourage people to stop spending by raising interest rates, alternatively if people start to save more that has consequences on retail as a whole.

There is a very fine balance with so much uncertainty surrounding namely Brexit. Whilst the data and speeches are happening in the UK, David Davis along with his Brexit negotiations team are sat around a table with the EU team. We’re not likely to see any outcomes to the talks in round two of discussions, but we may receive news that the talks are going well and any concessions for Sterling will be seen as positive.

When the markets are this volatile there will always be spikes and drops, making timing a transfer vital to maximise your funds. If you have any questions with my forecast above or would like to simply discuss an upcoming requirement you have please send me an email to I would be happy to share my thoughts with you and I may be able to offer a viable solution to help you complete a trade, as I have several years experience working for a brokerage

What can we expect next for GBPEUR exchange rates?

What is the likelihood of GBPEUR rate rising much higher is a very common question I am being lately. Trying to second guess the market and hoping for big improvements often leads only to disappointment when expecting a certain outcome. The pound against the Euro is in a very volatile situation at the moment which could easily see the rates quickly and unexpectedly changing, keeping up to date with the developments is a crucial factor to ensuring you maximise the transfer.

This week we have a number of important data releases which will be crucial to determining the next steps on the currency pairing. Overall I expect the market to favour sterling weakness but much of this has been built in to the current rates and therefore we will need some fresh new bad news so clients looking to buy sterling need to be careful holding back just waiting for rates to improve.

We aim to offer clients a clear forecast of current evens and work proactively to help determine the very best times to trade and buy currency. If you have a transfer to consider then understanding the coming news and information is critical to getting the best deals. For more information at no cost or obligation on what to look out for in the coming weeks to help you get the best deal please do feel free to contact me directly by emailing

Tomorrow is UK Inflation and then Thursday is the latest European Central Bank Interest Rate decision, these are big events and trading them properly and understanding the outcomes could potentially save you hundred or thousands depending on the outcomes.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve the maximum for your transfer.


GBP/EUR Back Above 1.14 (Ben Fletcher)

Sterling’s positive end to the week continued all the way to the close of business this evening as the GBP/EUR rate shot up to a high of 1.143. This has come as a considerable surprise following the fall to 1.118 on Wednesday, which convinced many further losses were on there way. Now that there has been a resurgence in the rate, the rise to 1.15 is a hot topic. The last time the rate reached that level was 6 weeks ago and that was only available for a few hours.

There is still a considerable amount of uncertainty surrounding Sterling, especially as the Great Repeal Bill is to be released shortly and every opposing party to the Government plans to challenge their plans. However some of the major concerns appear to have taken a slight back seat and at least for the last 48 hours no new negative headlines have appeared. It’s thought that earlier in the week Sterling was oversold as markets became over pessimistic on the UK conditions, with that in mind the recent jump is just making up lost ground.

GBP/EUR, where to next?

Now that we have seen favorable Sterling the movement the next step will be a jump above 1.15. This week we saw members of the Bank of England talk down a interest rate hike in the near future which was the main cause of the GBP/EUR rate dropping over a percent. Arguably if there was to be talk of a hike, that percent may return which would see a jump to the 1.15’s.

If you have any questions with regards to my forecast above please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to discuss your requirement and provide a strategy that will work for your unique needs. I may also be able to offer a potential method of completing the transfer. Please send me a brief description of what you’re looking to do at


Brexit Repeal Bill due today and the impact on Sterling Euro rates (Tom Holian)

The UK will announce today their plans for the Repeal Bill which essentially means that the UK will apply the same laws in the UK before the Brexit vote whilst giving power to parliament in order for them to be able to change them at a later date.

There is already a lot of disagreement between the various political parties but the plan is not due to be debated until later this year but will need to be put in place by the time the UK is due to leave the European Union which will come in March 2019.

This has yet to cause too many problems for the Pound vs the Euro but it does demonstrate how much uncertainty there is politically at the moment in the UK.

Brexit Secretary David Davis has said ‘the eyes of the country are on us and I will work with anyone to achieve this goal and shape a new future for our country.’

This appears as though Davis is willing to listen to ideas from various parties in the interests of the country but I think this could cause real problems for the British economy as clearly the political parties in this country have very different priorities and agendas.

We end the week with Eurozone Trade Balance for May which has been very positive recently so expect volatility for GBPEUR exchange rates towards the end of the week.

Having worked in the foreign exchange industry since 2003 for one of the UK’s leading currency brokers I am confident not only of being able to offer you bank beating exchange rates but also help you with the timing of your transfer.

If you have a currency transfer to make whether it’s buying or selling Euros then contact me directly for a free quote and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Holian 

Pound drops lower once again as interest rate hikes suffer setback and Euro gains on the Dollar (Daniel Wright)

GBP/EUR exchange rates have dropped to the lowest point we have seen since since the U.S elections back in November, which is due to two reasons we saw yesterday.

Firstly, we had two members of the Bank of England speaking during the course of yesterday afternoon and both of those members dampened expectations of a U.K interest rate hike happening  in the near term, which led to the Pound losing further ground against the Euro and most major currencies too.

An interest rate hike is generally seen as a positive for the currency concerned as it makes it more attractive to investors, and the markets can more on speculation as well as action, so even the mere hint of a hike moving closer can lead to the Pound gaining strength, we saw this shortly after the last Bank of England interest rate decision where they confirmed 3 out of 8 members had voted in favour of interest rates going up in the U.K and this gave Sterling a boost.

The chances of a hike appear to have decreased again after yesterday which is why the Pound has lost a little value.

Secondly, due to more issues over in the States surrounding Trump and Trump JR the Dollar has lost plenty of ground against the Euro. With EUR/USD being the most traded currency pairing in the world when you see a large amount of money coming out of the Dollar and going into the Euro, the Euro can gain strength against most major currencies too, making it more expensive to buy.

Unfortunately economic data is still not dragging the Pound back up and we have unemployment figures and average earnings due out at 09:30am today. Average earnings are of great importance at present as inflation is increasing and making goods and services more expensive where as peoples earnings are actually increasing at a slower pace which is not a good sign for the economy. Should this trend continue people will have less and less money to spend and this may cause further problems for the economy as the year moves on.

We really do need to see a catalyst for the Pound to start moving in the right direction again but at present that has not materialised. The worry now is that we are starting to see the true impact of the referendum vote start to shine through now and that Sterling may be in for a tough month ahead.

If you have Euros to buy or indeed sell then it is more important than ever to make sure you maximise your exchange rate. Feel free to contact me (Daniel Wright) to discuss the various options available to you. Yo ucan email me on and I will get back to you personally.



GBP/EUR, Calm Before the Storm? (Ben Fletcher)

Yesterday the GBP/EUR rate hardly moved half a cent across the whole of the day with very little changing in the market. Until the drop on Friday due to poor economic data for the UK, the rate had spent most of the week hovering around the 1.14 mark. This morning the rate is back above 1.13 and in my opinion there could be a opportunity for the rate to lift a little today.

MPC Members Speak Today

Two of the nine Monetary Policy Committee members will speak today Andy Haldane and Dr Ben Broadbent. The MPC are thought to be investigating whether a interest rate hike would be beneficial for the UK in the short term future. The two committee members who vote with the other 7 will provide their insights, if they’re hawkish and suggest a hike may happen that could provide market optimism boosting Sterling. Alternatively Andy Haldane is returning for his second stint on the MPC and was previously known for his Dovish attitude. There is of course every chance this is a non-event, but with little positivity around for Sterling any spikes in the market should be capitalised on.

In my opinion over the course of the next few weeks the GBP/EUR rate may move back towards the 1.14 but I find it hard to see anything much more substantial happening. The second round of Brexit talks will begin next week and we may get some further updates into how they’re progressing. However Theresa May is coming under so much pressure in the UK, even as much so that MP’s are calling for her resignation. If May was to resign then another general election would only add to further uncertainty and the GBP/EUR rate may drop below 1.10.

If you would like to ask me any further questions with regards to my forecast, please feel free to send me an email to If you send me a brief description of what you’re looking to achieve, I will respond within a few hours. Hopefully I can assist with devising a strategy to help you achieve your goal and potentially help execute the trade.

Where next for the GBPEUR exchange rate?

When looking for indications as to the future direction of GBPEUR exchange rates it can be helpful to consult the information of a currency specialist who can highlight the important trends and themes that will move the market. A 1 cent improvement selling €100,000 at current levels would result in a £800 saving! We offer assistance to clients looking to increase the value of their currency exchange by offering information on the market to help them time and execute their transfer for maximium effect.

If you are looking to buy or sell Euros for pounds then the last month has see a fairly choppy range developing in a tight band of 2 cents. Whilst we haven’t broken free of the 1.1260 to 1.1470 range, the movement within these parameters has been rather unpredictable with the market jumping back and forth according to speculation on various factors.

One key point to be noting is the prospect of a UK interest rate hike or the European Central Bank (ECB) considering to withdraw their economic stimulus. These two factors are example of two highly unpredictable factors which could see the pound rising or falling against the Euro rather suddenly.

With tremendous pressure on sterling and there appearing to be no easy way out of the current situation for the pound and the UK, GBPEUR seems like it could easily spend much of the coming weeks and months in a 1.10-1.15 range. It is very difficult to see what would lead to sterling rise dramatically but there could be surprises.

If you need to make a transfer of more than £10,000 worth buying or selling Euros then understanding the best steps forward in advance will give you the greatest chance of securing the best rate. For more information at no cost or obligation please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing or please call 01494 787 478.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.



GBP/EUR Drops Again During Friday’s Trading (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling has come under pressure once again during Friday’s trading, following poor Manufacturing & Industrial Production figures this morning.

With figures well under market expectation, the Pound was under pressure immediately dropping almost a cent at the low to 1.1281.

Despite a recovery during the afternoon following the NIESR Gross Domestic Product (GDP) prediction.

The well-respected think tank has predicted GDP to grow to 0.3% this month, which if it comes to fruition, will show a steady improvement from last month’s reading.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Pound was creeping towards 1.20 but a complete shift in conditions, has seen the EUR gain almost seven cents at its high.

Despite Sterling finding a foothold over recent days, the current climate both politically & economically inside the UK means that any major upturn is unlikely in the short-term.

We can help our clients pin point specific moments to execute their currency exchanges, even when they are battling a falling market.

The current uncertainty surrounding our fragmented government and grave concerns amongst investors regarding how we will facilitate our Brexit, are two of the defining factors driving Sterling’s value at present.

With both of these issues, in particular the long Brexit process, will be resolved in the short-term and as such clients with a GBP/EUR requirement need to be realistic in terms of what they’re targeting on any exchange.

Clients should also consider any bottom lines, in order to protect their positions wherever possible.

There are no guarantees in the currency markets and with so many unanswered questions, let us help you navigate this turbulent market and maximise any currency exchange you need to make.

If you have an upcoming GBP or EUR currency transfer to make and would like to be kept up to date with all the latest market movements, or simply wish to compare our award-winning exchange rates with your current provider, then please feel free to contact me on 0044 1494 787 478 and ask one of the team for Matt.

Alternatively, I can be emailed directly on


GBP/EUR Rate Close to 1.15 Jump (Ben Fletcher)

The Sterling Euro rate could be on the verge of a positive upwards movement as a several week high is touched upon this morning. The rate moved up to 1.142 which provided optimism there could be more to come.

Governor of the Bank for England Mark Carney will speak tomorrow and after his speech last week caused over a cent movement that could happen again.

If you’re looking to purchase Euros then tomorrow may present a window of opportunity for you. If Sterling does start to move upwards then I do think it will be a significant jump. The currency has been oversold in the last few months which is why the rate has dropped so low, but there could be a turn of events coming.

Inflation Report Next Week

The UK’s latest inflation report was expected to be released this week however it has been postponed to next week. Inflation data is a double edged sword at the moment; firstly if it keeps rising and wage growth doesn’t it will feel like a wage cut, alternatively if it does continue to rise the Bank of England will be forced to raise interest rates. The home currency when there is a interest rate hike, can often benefit by several percent which could see the rate move back towards the high teens.

If you’re a Euro seller who is waiting to complete a transaction at an even lower level than what is currently available I believe you’re playing a risky game. Sterling seems to have found a resistance at the 1.13 level and would take a serous series of events to fall much lower than this point, never say never but the bottom may have been reached.

Whilst this is quite a speculative plan, but certainly plausible if you do have a more specific requirement please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the forecast above. I would be more than happy to share my thoughts and discuss what might be the best option for you moving forwards. Please send me an email with a brief description of what you’re looking to do at


GBP/EUR – Where Next? (Daniel Johnson)

Sterling struggles against the Euro

We have seen gains for Sterling against most major currency pairings  following a government being appointed in the UK. The euro however is proving to be stubborn, with a resistance point at 1.14. I think there will need to be a significant catalyst for GBP/EUR to breach 1.14 and remain above it.

Over the last decade Eurozone positive data has been sporadic and has held back The European Central Bank (ECB) from tapering Quantitative Easing (QE). We have recently however seen positive data more widely spread both geographically and in industry sectors. This is good news for Draghi and could mean we could see tapering sooner rather than later. If this does occur I would expect a sharp rise in Euro strength.

It is not all good news in the Eurozone however, let us not forget Greece, struggling to make debt repayments to the IMF. The debt is so great it seems impossible to imagine a stable Greek economy. If this problem comes in to the lime light this could hinder any Euro advance.

I am of the opinion Sterling is chronically undervalued, before the referendum announcement GBP/EUR sat above 1.40. I think short to medium term it will be tough time for the pound. I think once we have a more stable government and the Brexit stance is clear the pound will have the opportunity to rally. Although leave voters will not be happy, it may be the wise move to  compromise on immigration in order to have market access. This would almost certainly cause a spike in Sterling value. It is a shame we are in this position, it seems the whole reason the UK is in tatters is due to politicians pursuing their own agenda.

The Monetary Policy Commitee (MPC) recently voted on a change an interest rate and there was change in stance with 3 members voting in favour of a hike.  I believe this is not a solution to the rapid rise in inflation. The Bank of England are trying to fight a problem with the wrong tools. Many believe rate hikes drop and fall usually by 0.25%. This is not gospel and rates may move by as little as 0.5%. If there is a change in rates I would expect this to be the choice which would not have a huge impact Sterling value.

If you have a large currency transfer to perform in the coming days, weeks or months then I will be happy to speak to you directly as I will be willing to help you both with trying to time a transaction and getting you the best possible rate when you do come to trade. A small improvement in a rate of exchange can make a significant difference so for the sake of taking a few minutes to email me you may find you save yourself hundreds if not thousands of Pounds. You can contact me (Daniel Johnson) on and I will endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for reading.


Will GBPEUR rise or fall in July? Important news for GBPEUR clients….

Since the UK election GBPEUR has only moved 2 cents between the high and the low which some would read as boring, I read as opportunity! Clients looking to buy or sell the pound or Euros following say an overseas property purchase or sale, should be preparing for further volatility on the foreign exchange market that could well present some fresh opportunities to maximise their exchange rate. On a €100,000 sale into sterling a cent at current levels is £750 more in the sellers pocket. We work to highlight improvements on the market to clients in such positions to help them make an informed choice about when to execute their exchange.

If you have a transfer to consider buying or selling Euros for pounds getting the timing on your exchange correct is critical to getting the most for your money. With GBPEUR having been trapped in a range between 1.1270 and 1.1468 there has not been much opportunity for either Euro buyers or sellers to capitalise. I have many of my clients who need to buy Euros for an overseas property purchase or to pay business Invoices holding off expecting the rate to recover. And too, many of my Euro sellers are also holding off expecting the pound to crash!

With so many different potential outcomes from the rates being prepared is vital to capitalise on spikes or to limit any losses. A very popular contract type at present is a limit order whereby we look to automatically purchase a currency for you if we do get to a certain level. Popular Limits buying Euros are at 1.15 currently.

If you have a transaction to consider in the future then making some plans in advance is crucial to getting the best deals. We can very easily set up one of these orders to help limit your exposure and maximise the return.

For more information on the GBPEUR forecast and the best way to maximise your rate please speak to me Jonathan Watson to get a full overview and discuss strategy. Please email with an overview of your position to get the latest news and updates.

Where next for GBP/EUR Exchange Rates? (Matthew Vassallo)

It’s been yet another unsteady week for Sterling exchange rates, with heavy losses followed by a slight recovery as we head into the weekend.

GBP/EUR rates have touched 1.14 again this morning, having been trading in the 1.12’s earlier this week.

Much of yesterday’s focus was on whether the Queens Speech would be passed through Parliament and Theresa May was able to breath a huge sigh of relief, as it was passed by 323 votes to 309.

This small majority of just 14 though indicates how close it was to not being approved and if that had occurred surely it would have been the end of Theresa may’s tenure as Prime Minister?

Whether she is able to survive the coming months is being debated fiercely among economists and much will depend on her ability to bring the best out the coalition deal with the controversial Northern Irish DUP party.

The Pound has struggled to make any kind of sustained impact against its EUR counterpart for weeks. Its value has deteriorated in line with the political and economic uncertainty created by the election result and a difficult start to Brexit negotiations.

With so many unanswered questions about how the UK will eventually separate itself completely from the EU and what deal will be left in place, now is not the time in my opinion to be gambling on sustained improvement for the Pound.

The current market instability means that clients should look to protect any short-term gains, with the EUR likely to find support again sooner rather than later.

If you have an upcoming currency transfer to make you can contact me directly on 01494 787 478. We can help guide you through this turbulent market and as a company we have over eighteen years’ experience, in helping our clients achieve the very best exchange rates on any given market.

Our award inning rates can be accessed very easily over the phone and I can keep you posted with key market developments ahead of any prospective exchange you need to make.

Feel free to email me directly on to find out all the options available to you ahead of your currency transfer.


Queens speech vote to influence GBPEUR exchange rates (Dayle Littlejohn)

As Theresa May failed to win the General Election by a majority the Conservative Prime Minister has been in negotiations with the Democratic  Unionist Party (DUP) and a minority Government has been formed. Members of Parliament will have the final vote on the minority Government later this afternoon.

For Jeremy Corbyn to win and effectively vote down the queens speech members of the conservative party will have to vote against Theresa May and I just cant see this happening. Therefore I expect the minority government to be officially formed by the end of the week which could lead to further sterling strength against the Euro and exchange rates to drift towards the mid teen territory.

Looking further ahead Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister will continue to be scrutinised and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the PM resign in the upcoming 6 months. This view is supported by American Financial Service City Group as they informed all of their clients that they expect Theresa May will resign in the upcoming months due to a Conservative rebellion. If she did resign the new Prime Minister could call another General Election which would weigh down on the pound further.

For further information in regards to GBPEUR exchange rates feel free to email me with the reason for the transfer (company goods, property purchase) and timescales you are working to and I will respond with the options available to you and the process of using the company I work for Alternatively if you would like to discuss your requirements over the phone call 01494-787478 and ask to be put through to Dayle Littlejohn.

** If you are already using a brokerage and would like to know if you are receiving the best rates possible email me with the exact figures and I will reply with our live price. This will take you a few minutes and in the past I have saved clients thousands! **

A stable government is needed for a Pound rally (Daniel Johnson)

Theresa May’s position has now been brought into question following her call for a snap election and the aftermath. Her decision to call an election when the opposition seemed so weak back fired when the conservatives failed to win a majority victory. Attacking tory core voters was deemed a poor move by senior conservative members. The PM’s stance on Brexit is causing much unrest, with the DUP now in place alongside the conservatives it has been rumored we could be moving towards a softer Brexit. If her stance changes she could be ousted from her position, This could well cause further political uncertainty and could cause the pound to weaken further as investors lose confidence.

For Sterling to rally it is vital a stable government is in place.

Keep a close eye on Brexit negotiations as they unfold this will be key to GBP/EUR buoyancy levels moving forward. The magnitude of these talks should not be underestimated, they are the most important talks for Britain in the last 50 years. Many have the opinion these negotiations could take far longer than the two year target. I think this could well be the case when you take into account the quickest negotiation for the US and another country took four years.

It is important to take into account if that if Brussels choose to play hard ball it could be detrimental to all those involved. Britain is one of the largest economies in Europe, the cost to other countries would be substantial if trade laws become problematic. Germany would be particularly effected when you look at the amount exports to the UK. The car industry would definitely be an area hit.This could cause negotiations to go through more quickly than anticipated, although the two year target still seems unrealistic.

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