ECB tomorrow the major news on the Euro!

The Euro is benefiting from improved certainty from the political situation in the Germany and stronger economic news for the Eurozone. Political and economic factors are encouraging investors to increase their holdings of the Euro as there is a belief the currency will only improve in the future. Tomorrow is a key economic event from the ECB (European Central Bank) which could see volatility on the Euro.

It is quite surprising the Euro did not come unstuck following the Italian election, the lack of clarity over the final outcome from the result could easily have seen the Euro losing value. Despite anti-establishment parties gaining over 50% of the vote the single currency has held its own. Whilst the Italian news is concerning, the other factors mentioned above, political strength from Germany and good economic news across the whole Eurozone region, have all seen the Euro stronger.

If you need to or wish to look at any currency transfers buying or selling Euros then understanding these events can help to make an informed choice about when to enter the market. The ECB decision on interest rates tomorrow and Press Conference that follows could really help you to achieve a better deal for both buyers and sellers, depending on what happens. Personally, I would not be surprised to see the Euro stronger but often any movements on such events are quick and catching these ‘spikes’ requires a bit of planning.

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