Election news causes the Pound to wobble against the Euro (Tom Holian)

The Pound has slipped vs the Euro during Friday’s trading session as the most recent opinion poll has shown that the lead for the Tories over Labour has slipped to just 5%.

Previously the Tories were showing a huge lead over the opposition and this data release has caused a big surprise to the markets and we have seen rates to buy Euros with Pounds drop to their lowest level in months.

With the Tories previously expected to win by a huge majority this has led to the Pound weakening as any change in the voting pattern has caused concerns for investors.

Generally speaking if the existing government wins it provides another term of financial stability for UK businesses and therefore this is why the change in the poll has caused the Pound to suffer against the single currency.

Immediately after Easter when Theresa May called a snap general election this saw GBPEUR exchange rates challenge 1.20 on the Interbank level and although they didn’t reach that rate this was the highest we had seen the Pound get to vs the Euro since the end of 2016.

The Pound has also been weakening owing to rising inflation levels. Typically the Bank of England would look at increasing interest rates to combat high inflation levels but with the amount of QE having been used in recent years I cannot see any change in interest rates coming anytime soon.

Therefore, the central bank is struggling what to do next in terms of controlling inflation and this is causing problems for Sterling exchange rates vs the Euro.

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