GBP EUR Climbing as Government Deal is Expected Imminently (James Lovick)

GBP EUR has seen a small recovery as the expectation of a deal between the Conservative Party and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is expected imminently. This move should bring some confidence to the markets and already some of this positive news is beginning to be priced into the exchange rate.

The Queens speech could create a huge amount of additional volatility as Jeremy Corbyn is expected to make an amendment to it and may try to vote it down which could see additional volatility for the pound. However it is most likely that a deal will be done keeping Theresa May in place as Prime Minister.

UK inflation data yesterday which arrived at 2.9% also helped lift the pound as the prospect of an interest rate increase in the not too distant future is becoming a reality. The Bank of England meet tomorrow and there could be a swing in the votes with another member calling for a hike at this meeting. Whilst no change is expected the minutes of the meeting are likely to give clues as to where future policy is heading and there could be a big market reaction to it.

The Spanish banking sector has come back under the spotlight after Banco Popular had a run on it by its savers which forced a rescue by Santander. Clients looking to sell Euros and bring them back to Blighty away from Spain would be wise to consider taking advantage of the excellent trading levels which are currently available. The pound could see healthy gains after a new government is formally announced and may present win opportunity for those clients that need to buy Euros.

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