GBP EUR Gains after EU Response to a Future Trade Deal

Sterling Euro exchange rates have seen a very eventful week with the fifth round of Brexit negotiations coming to an end yesterday. The pound had fallen sharply against the Euro immediately after the press conference given by Brexit secretary David Davis and his counterpart Michel Barnier highlighted that progress was still slow and there was a deadlock in the negotiations. Sterling fell by over 0.5% after it was clear that there was still insufficient progress before seeing a substantial rally in afternoon trade reversing all losses.

GBP EUR Outlook Improves Overnight!

It has been reported that the EU will begin preparing for post Brexit trade negotiations with the possibility of trade talks to commence in December and refers to the next phase to start as soon as possible. This has led to a major jump higher for the pound across all of the major currencies including the Euro. GBP EUR is climbing this morning and any developments from the EU are likely to create additional volatility for GBP EUR. The response today from EU leaders will be crucial to where rates go from here.

My view has been for some time that when that door for a future trade deal has been opened there could be some excellent gains for GBP EUR. Those clients looking to buy Euros could finally start seeing some better opportunities to purchase just around the corner.
Clients looking to buy Euros would be wise to get in touch to look at the options available to you and how to maximise on the rates of exchange as they become available. Clients looking to sell Euros should consider moving sooner rather than later as this has been a fairly major development.

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