GBP EUR Gains after Stronger Manufacturing Outlook (James Lovick)

Happy New Year! 2017 looks firmly set to be the year of politics both in the UK and Eurozone with the European elections this year. It will inevitably mean another rollercoaster for sterling Euro exchange rates.

The pound received a good boost as we started the New Year with UK Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)numbers for the manufacturing sector. PMI for December climbed to 56.1, the highest reading since June 2014 whilst touching a 2 ½ year high blowing away those Brexit blues and seeing some renewed confidence in the price of the pound.

Anyone with a Euro currency requirement either buying or selling Euros must be aware of the Supreme Court ruling which is expected in the next week or two. The outcome which could go either way as it will be decided by the judges will create new direction for the pound and the implications should not be underestimated. Even if Theresa May loses the appeal then l wouldn’t expect major sterling strength as Brexit is still destined to happen. It could also open up the prospect of a UK general election which would in my view be very damaging for the pound. If Theresa May wins the appeal then the pound is likely to fall quickly and lose most of the gains it has made over these last two months.

Those clients looking to buy Euros may be wise to consider taking advantage of the improved rates seen over the last couple of months as there is a huge amount of uncertainty for the pound as we now fast approach March when Article 50 is invoked which will give notice of Britain’s intent to leave the European Union.

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