How will the ECB and the BoE move rates?

The BoE (Bank of England) and the ECB (European Central Bank) are going to be the main talking points that come up in the weeks ahead as we get further clarification on the final outcomes of economic policy for both central banks. The decisions by both teams will more than likely lead to movement on GBPEUR rates and these two events are well worth monitoring closely.

Tomorrow is the ECB interest rate decision which could easily trigger some volatility in Euro rates since there is a lack of uncertainty over what kind of commentary we will see from the ECB team. President of the ECB Mario Draghi will be leading the helm and give us the latest views on monetary policy moving forward.

Recent ECB Meeting Minutes highlighted a concern about a strong Euro and this is what saw the Euro much weaker a couple of weeks ago. This is really at odds with the behaviour of the Euro at the last ECB meeting where the Euro rose to its strongest point of 2018 against the pound.

The 10th May sees the Bank of England meeting which is likely to be a very strong trigger on the pound as investors are expecting an interest rate hike but it is by no means set in stone. The uncertainty about whether or not the UK will hike plus the lack of clarity about future hikes will all act as trigger points for future volatility on GBPEUR.

If you have any currency transfers buying or selling the pound against the Euro these pieces of news are likely to be a major market mover and it is well worth highlighting any potential transfer to us well in advance. For more information at no cost or obligation over what to expect and what to be prepared for, please contact me Jonathan Watson by emailing

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