Political Uncertainty weighs down the Pound (Daniel Johnson)

Lack of Faith in May as PM

There is little economic data of consequence this week from the UK.  Although data releases have the power to influence the exchange the core issues behind Sterling weakness against the Euro is the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the lack of stability within the government.

Theresa May’s position as prime minister is coming under increasing pressure with members of her own party showing a lack of confidence in her ability to continue as PM. Former conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps has suggested that there are around thirty MPs who are of the opinion May should step down. There have been calls for a leadership election. During times of political uncertainty the currency in question historically weakens and this is what we are witnessing at present. This also raises the question of how we are going to negotiate Brexit, one of the biggest events for the UK in the last fifty years when the government is complete disarray.

Catalan independence could give some respite for Sterling

The referendum for Catalan’s separation from Spain is being deemed as illegal by the Spanish government. The result from the referendum show a clear victory for those who wish independence, this however has to be taken with a pinch of salt as many did not vote. Many Spanish unionists gathered in Barcelona to demonstrate against Catalan’s separation from Spain. Catalan leader Charles Puigdemont is due to meet parliament today to give credence to the referendum. There could be fireworks which could create Euro weakness.

Strong Eurozone Data could warrant tapering QE

We have seen positive economic data spread geographically and across industry sectors. We are seeing sustained growth from the Eurozone something which hasn’t happened in the past. If this continues we could well see the the ECB make a change to the current QE programming. Quantitative Easing is pumping money into an economy in order to stimulate growth. The ECB are currently adding €60bn a month into to the economy, if this tapered expect the Euro to strengthen significantly.

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