Pound to Euro rate in focus as it’s trading at an 8-year low, will the sell-off continue? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling is continuing to come under pressure this morning after breaching the 1.09 mark during yesterday’s trading session.

The breach of 1.09 has continued this morning as the pair are now trading at their lowest levels since 2009, with 1.0868 the lowest level the pair have hit so far.

This comes at a time where risk appetite worldwide is on the decline after US President Donald Trump’s threat to end the NAFTA agreement and shut down the US government if he doesn’t receive funding for the wall he plans on building along the boarder of Mexico.

There have also been a number of forecasts from major financial institutions recently suggesting the Pound could fall as low as 1 for 1 with the Euro, with HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Citi all making this same prediction for the pair in 2018.

Should these predictions comes true then it may be worth looking into the current exchange rates if you’re planning a large GBP to EUR transfer as there is still some distance to go should they be correct.

Tomorrow at 9.30am there will be the release of UK GDP data for the month of July, and there could be movement between GBP/EUR if this figure is released some distance from its expectation.

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