Sterling Euro exchange rates have a fairly flat week – Retail Sales to finish off the week for U.K data this morning

The week so far has been fairly flat for GBP/EUR exchange rates, seen minimal movement from the high to the low point over the course of the trading week.

We have virtually been stuck in a range of 1.12 – 1.13 with very little volatility due to no major news from either side for investors and speculators to feed off of.

Retail Sales figures are due out this morning for the U.K and this may be a release that could change the flat trend, but this data would need to be fairly off the mark from analysts expectations to have a large impact.

Theresa May is due to be meeting with Angela Merkel today so be wary of any further comments towards brexit and future plans between the two nations, as anything positive may also give the pound a lift as the week comes to an end.

Next week we have U.K unemployment figures on Wednesday morning, with average earnings figures being one of the big points in focus, as this figure could bring forward when the Bank Of England plan to next raise interest rates. Average earnings had been quite a way from inflation figures which is one thing that had held the BOE back from rushing into another hike, however at last weeks interest rate meeting they did comment that another rate hike could be coming.

If average earnings figures have gone up again then expect Sterling strength, as this may lead to betting that a rate hike in May is on the cards for the U.K which would be seen as positive for Sterling exchange rates.

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