The GBPEUR forecast remains favourable for Euro buyers, but for how long?

Euro buyers have been in for a real treat of late with some of the best levels in 8 years if buying with sterling, a truly remarkable rate of exchange. It is easy for Euro buyers to become complacent regarding these levels having seen the market flirt with these levels already this year and with plenty of uncertainty surrounding the Euro. However nothing should ever be taken for granted on exchange rates particularly the way this current market has taken everyone by surprise! I think therefore we could be in for more of a chance of the Euro weakening and the pound finding favour longer term although there could be a short term improvement for Euro sellers on the back of some light GBP weakness witnessed earlier this week.

The rates of exchange for the Euro are at some truly unique levels and this should in my opinion not be taken for granted. Even though there is a good chance the Euro could weaken further when the European Central Bank mention their QE intentions, markets do not always follow set plans! I think it might be more prudent for you be prepared for the rate to fall and be keen to strike on any improvements.

If you have a GBP to euro transfer you are considering in the future making some plans might be a very good idea! For more information on the market and to be kept up with spikes in and out of your favour please speak to me Jonathan by emailing

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