What can we expect for GBPEUR rates from the Bank of England interest rate decision?

The pound to Euro exchange rate is trading in familiar ranges in a volatile manner as the market is trying to second guess what we can expect next from the Bank of England. The interest rate decision is at 12 noon today and we also have the latest Quarterly Inflation Report from Mark Carney and his team too. The pound has been very susceptible to changes in UK rate expectations and today is a day of reckoning.

The rates could rise to the previous highs today of 1.16 but this seems unlikely given the current expectation that the pound would actually lose value because of the Bank of England being now less likely to raise interest rates. Over the next few weeks, we are likley to see lots of volatility as the markets try to second guess just what the Bank of England are looking to do longer-term.

The outlook for sterling is undoubtedly more positive than the expectations previously set by the Bank of England but we are unlikely to actually see any actual hike today, I think it is more likely to be longer-term in the future when we will see a hike. GBPEUR will, therefore, be more than likely to rise higher in the future as we get more news regarding just what the final expectations are for the pound.

GBPEUR will more than likely trade within a range of 1.13-1.15 in my opinion. If you have a transfer buying or selling the pound against the Euro then I would be looking to make plans ahead of the event to ensure I can capitalise on the volatility.

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