What will be happening with the pound to Euro forecast this month?

The pound is looking much better against the Euro following the withdrawal agreement which has improved the outlook on the Brexit. Sterling has found some support against the Euro and despite plenty of uncertainty over what lies ahead, sterling is enjoying a much higher range of rates than we have had. The range has been  1.07 to 1.14 so the current levels of 1.12 are not to be easily ignored.

2018 will undoubtedly offer us some better opportunities to buy Euros with pounds following a number of key events including the Italian election in March and the resolution (or not) of the Spanish situation. We will also be looking to the German situation to see if the coalition agreement will actually take place and hold. Whilst agreed today the coalition could struggle and this could see the Euro weaker, if looking to sell Euros and hanging on hoping for big improvements you could end up disappointed!

2018 could be a better year for Euro buyers but the pound could struggle if the Euro continues to find favour which it has been doing recently. Expectations for the pound to struggle can also not be discounted so I would personally be imagining some ranges in the 1.10-1.16 level for Q1 of 2018.

If you have a transfer buying or selling Euros against the pound making the most of the situation and trying to cover your bases on the predictions is sensible. Most clients looking to sell Euros have not had rates this good since September, the lows we hit then were in the 1.08 range, this is the best rates for Euro sellers in nine years!

Overall 2018 has begun fairly quietly on the rates with no major changes but this will not last for long. Market sentiment is leaning towards improvements for the pound against the Euro should the Euro weaken but sterling has many hurdles to overcome. The best way to plan for the future is to create it, if you have a transfer that you are considering please don’t hesitate to contact me Jonathan Watson to discuss further.

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