What will happen to the GBPEUR rate next?

Today we learn of key information on the GBPEUR rate with two important speeches from Mario Draghi and Mark Carney. The outlook on GBPEUR remains fairly subdued for Euro buyers with I believe a strong prospect of further sterling weakness. The speeches today will help to provide some clarity on just what we can expect, personally I would not be expecting too much good news if I was buying Euros with pounds although there is some more data later this week which might help you if you are buying Euros with pounds.

The rate has fallen from its lofty heights of almost 1.20 6 weeks ago as investors learn of the UK’s apparent approach to the Brexit negotiations. Most commentators suggest Theresa May will be opting for more of a hard Brexit since trying to control the UK borders is incompatible with access to the single market. Just what kind of deal lies ahead we cannot tell for sure but it seems that it will not be one that is beneficial to sterling in the short term.

This Thursday is the latest UK GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data for the UK where we will earn of the latest news for the UK economy for Q3. This release is the latest release and the most up to date snapshot for the UK economy in this period. Expectations are for a slight decline in the rate of growth but hopefully no contraction. Whilst some areas of the economy struggled others performed well but overall it would appear activity will have been lower.

Despite the figures coming in lower the fact that they will still show the UK economy grew will I believe provide a temporary lift in the pound which could be supportive for anyone buying Euros with pounds. If you need to buy or sell the pound and the Euro I am your personal account manager here to help with any transfers you will need. For more information on the future direction of the rates and the planning and management of your deal please contact me Jonathan directly on jmw@currencies.co.uk

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