What will move GBPEUR this week?

GBPEUR rates have slipped ahead of the Fed meeting this evening which could easily see the pound lower against the Euro tomorrow. Many analysts predict the US dollar will strengthen and the Euro will weaken but with much of this expectation priced into current rates I think that it is unlikely the Euro will weaken too much. Personally I think the US dollar could actually weaken a little which would strengthen the Euro.

Other news tomorrow is the latest information on the Eurozone Inflation report which could easily cause some movement on the GBPEUR rates. Personally I would be surprised to see this weaken the Euro since the Inflation levels have actually been rising which is presenting some strengthening in the Euro area. If you have a transfer to consider in the future involving the pound and the Euro tonight’s decision is key.

Personally I would not be surprised to see the pound weaken in the New Year and I think GBPEUR could be very close to the very top of the current ranges on offer. If you have a transfer to make then making plans in advance is key to minimising your risk. We offer a number of options to limit your exposure to the markets which include the ability to fix a rate for up to two years.

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