Will GBPEUR rise further this week?

It is very tempting to track the GBPEUR rate now hoping for further improvements, the rates have risen to some of the best to buy Euros with pounds since May 2017. To understand whether this pair will rise further it is useful to track what has happened so far and understand why. We can then also look at events ahead to make a decision on what is likely to happen.

Overall I don’t expect the pound to Euro rate to rise significantly higher, I think actually there could be a danger the levels will fall back as the enthusiasm for the pound begins to wear off. Whilst there has been progress made with Brexit and the Bank of England should raise interest rates in May, this news is largely priced in now.

This means that any signs events are not going to progress as smoothly as previously believed could disrupt the currency and cause the pound to fall. There is still a huge amount to accomplish for the UK on Brexit plans and there is also many economic conditions for the UK to meet to warrant future hikes, which would cause the pound to rise.

I do now expect rates for Euro buyers to remain favourable but any further good news will probably be met with limited confidence on the rates since the good news is already out there. If you need to buy Euros with pounds then making some plans around the current favourable levels seems very sensible to me.

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