Will GBPEUR rise or fall on the UK and Eurozone Interest rate decisions?

The GBPEUR rate has been very volatile lately and uncertain as markets try to digest which direction rates will take in the coming weeks. Overall sterling seems to be on the back foot but we have risen sharply from the lows of 1.07 a few weeks ago, today’s positive GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data is also a big help for the pound.

I do not feel the pound will however just keep rising, tomorrow ECB’s news will be the main driver for the rest of the week, I see around a 70% chance of Euro strength, 30% Euro weakness. This is all based on the fact that the Euro has really been finding favour in 2017 as investors back the Eurozone economy and political situation.

However the latest political uncertainty with Spain, Germany and Austria has unsettled the rates and further weakness down the line could not be ruled out. Longer term weakness on the Euro does seem a real possibility, particularly since the pound has found some form with an improving economy and some certainty over the outcome on Brexit.

If you are making a transfer in the future making plans in advance is key and tomorrow’s news could be a big market mover. I would not be surprised to see some swings of up to 2 cents in either direction as markets digest the latest trends and news on the rates. If you have a transfer to make involving the pound or Euro then tomorrow’s ECB meeting will be important, as will next week’s UK interest decision.

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