Will rates on GBPEUR can we expect in December?

The pound has risen higher against the Euro nudging back over 1.12 this morning as the Euro softens slightly, partly on the back of concerns over the Irish political situation. Sterling is bouncing back against most currencies too on the back of the news that all banks had passed the stress tests as well. What events are upcoming in December and how will they influence the GBPEUR?

The main event for sterling I believe is the EU summit on the 14th – 15th December where the EU will decide whether or not the UK can now progress to the next stages for the trade talks to begin. Whilst the expectation is that this will all pass off relatively easily as the UK is now pledging more money to the situation, the potential for this to upset sterling remains high. Historically ‘deadlines’ with the UK and the EU see eleventh hour talks and excessive volatility.

The 21st December sees a big development on GBPEUR with the Catalonian election taking place which is effectively a referendum on independence or self rule. The possibility of this setting off fresh Euro fears is now increased, particularly when you consider there is also increased worry over Ireland, Germany and also Italy for next year.

GBPEUR has occupied a range of 1.08-1.14 in the last 3 months, with the worst fears over Brexit removed for now (eg a ‘no deal’ scenario), the potential for GBPEUR to now occupy a range between 1.10-1.15 seems more likely.

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