Will the Euro continue to strengthen and will Carillion drag the Pound down? (Joseph Wright)

The headlines surrounding the Euro at the moment are that the currency is currently trading at an all time high against the US Dollar. The gains are generally being put down to the strong economic outlook for the Euro and also expectations that the European Central Bank will begin to cut back on the current stimulus package as the economy justifies it.

Many economists expect to see the Euro hold its ground at the current levels, and when compared with the Pound I think we may even see the Euro to Pound rate improve further especially if Brexit related issues continue to negatively impact sentiment surrounding the UK economy both during and after the Brexit process.

The case for a stronger Pound hasn’t been helped in the past week as it’s emerged that the UK’s second largest construction company, Carillion is likely to go into liquidation shortly. There is up to 20,000 jobs that could be lost as a result and a number of industries and sub-contractors could also run into issues as a result of this. The company has close links with the UK government and it’s emerged that up to 8 contracts were taken out with the company by the government since profit warnings were announced.  This is likely to be looked into further and I certainly don’t think we’ve heard the end of it.

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