Will the pound continue to slide against the Euro?

Overall the pound looks like it could easily slip in the coming weeks as the uncertainty over Brexit looks like it could build further and this will undoubtedly present some opportunities for those clients looking to buy or sell. Exactly what happens in the future is very difficult to predict but hopefully this will create some movements for awaiting a firm reason to make their deal.

Expectations for the pound to slide are therefore very strong and we could easily see some big changes in the future, principally as a result of the key economic decisions by the Bank of England and also the European Central Bank decision. Overall markets are generally fearful over what lies ahead in the decisions by these two central bank beasts, big questions over to what extent the ECB will taper and to what extent the Bank of England will raise interest rates loom.

It would not be surprising to see the pound slip further against the Euro as political uncertainty for the UK outweighs the Eurozone. Yes, the problems in Spain and even Germany are reasons to fearful, over the future direction on the Euro. However the UK is as a result of the Brexit in a worse position. This is the current situation, it could of course change very quickly!

If you have a transfer to make buying or selling Euros for pounds this next couple of weeks will be vital to determining which way exchange rates could go in the future. Overall I would not be surprised to see the pound losing value as investors concerns resurface, a more positive ECB would also see the Euro stronger.

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