Will the Pound to Euro rate manage to break out of its current trend? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Euro exchange rate has been trading within quite a thin range for some time now, as the pair have failed to break out of the 1.12 to 1.1450 trading range significantly for some time now.

Sterling has struggled to rise above the 1.15 mark since June of last year, so those of our readers following the rates hoping for good times to make their transfer should consider that GBP/EUR is still towards the top end of its trend.

In order for our readers to base their trades off of levels in the 1.15’s, they will need to see Sterling improve to levels not seen for some time.

Friday could be the busiest day for GBP/EUR exchange rates this week due to the high volume of data set for release as well as a number of key persons set to speak. It’s day’s such as this that can result in a break out of a long term trend so those planning on making a transfer should consider planning around busy days of economic data. This is something we can help with so do feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss this further.

There will be construction data released at 9.30am on Friday, and both Theresa May and (UK PM) along with the governor of the Bank of England (Mark Carney) will be speaking so expect any new Brexit breakthroughs to result in movement for the GBP/EUR exchange rate.

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